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Love movies on Netflix that will make you cry from sadness

Luis Rafael
6 min read

The love movies are undoubtedly some of the best categories that we can choose from in the cinema.

They are magnificent, since we can see them with our partner, as a family, we can even see them alone.

All of us have at least once shed tears after watching a beautiful sad loving Netflix movie.

Love movies on Netflix that will make you cry from sadness – TV Series
Love movies on Netflix that will make you cry from sadness

8 love movies you can get on Netflix that will break your heart

In this article we are going to present which are the 8 best love movies on Netflix that will make you cry.

So that everyone can have a different time and feel that affection that movies convey.

1. Call me by your name

This love movie has to top any list of heartfelt movies.

It is set in Italy, summer 1983, on some stage in the nation.

We delve into the story of Elio Perlman, who is a 17-year-old teenager who spends his summer in a family mansion committed to teen reunions and high class.

Call me by your name is a transformation of the novel with a similar name by André Aciman, whose variation is endorsed by the veteran James Ivory (responsible for What Remains of the Day or Return to Howards End).

This is one of the best Netflix love movies.

2. Remember me

Robert Pattinson still with the shadow of Twilight behind him starred in this film that tells the shocking spectacle of a family that begins to separate after the self-destruction of one of their children.

Despite this, the other son, Tyler, does not lose the desire to fall in love and be cheerful.

It is then that he meets a young woman who has seen her own mother's self-destruction.

Despite all the family incidents, the two of them will fight to make their romantic story work.

It is inconceivable not to cry towards the end...

Love movies on Netflix that will make you cry from sadness – TV Series
When I find you

3. When I find you

It is important to mention that something iconic about the films based on the Nicholas Sparks books is that they are what the trailers teach.

Like 'Noa's Diary', 'A Walk to Remember' and 'Troubled Nights', When I Find You are a romantic film with the emotional flair of Sparks stories, just what it promises.

Logan Thibault (Zac Efron, 'Secondary School Musical'), an American Marine, ends up discovering a photograph of a smiling young woman. It is semi-covered on the ground, and he gets it when he returns from one of his deployments in Iraq, where he is stationed.

The protagonist keeps the photo and keeps it in his pocket, from that moment he begins to have good luck. Then he begins to realize this and tries desperately to search for the girl.

4. Noa's diary

In a grandparents' home, a man attentively reads to a lady a romantic tale that he had written long before in an old diary.

This emotional romance film tells us about Allie and Noah, two teenagers who despite living in two totally different social conditions, fall deeply in love and spend an extraordinary summer together.

Due to various conditions, they end up isolated after half the year, first due to dissatisfaction with their families and, also, in light of the conflict.

5. Violet and Finch

Violet Markey has recently lived through the passing of her sister. She is a withdrawn young woman who finds it difficult to relate to others, especially in high school.

He fantasizes about leaving Indiana to restart his life and abandon the hard times.

The geology educator organizes her meeting to coincide on a class assignment.

Therefore, Theodore Finch takes this great opportunity to observe Violet with enthusiasm from his work area and chooses to do his homework with her.

Violet is surprised when communicating with a boy, and even more when she constantly demands that going out and mingling can help her.

Moreover, although at first it was difficult to persuade, the young woman little by little allows herself to be trapped and opens up to him, letting him know her deepest apprehensions and considerations.

As far as she understands that she needs it.

6. Alex Strangelove

Alex Truelove is a senior in high school and has it all: excellent grades, a girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein), and a decent group of classmates.

Everything is going smoothly until Alex decides to say goodbye to her virginity.

At that precise moment Alex meets Elliott, a charming homosexual who does not skimp on letting Alex know how he feels about him.

7. The kissing booth

Elle Evans is a young adolescent who is beginning to dabble in love and who has never kissed anyone.

Elle came into the world on the same day and at the same time as her best friend Lee Flynn.

They both have an exceptionally welcoming relationship considering that their mothers were very special friends.

The two have a sisterhood agreement with certain rules to adhere to, including that she does not associate with her brother.

This will be a problem when his brother, who is also the most famous person in high school and no young woman can oppose him, notices Elle, who is not invulnerable to his charms.

Will you be able to stick with the agreement or will you trust your instincts? This is a Netflix love movie dependent on the book "The Kissing Booth" composed by Beth Reekles.

Love movies on Netflix that will make you cry from sadness – TV Series
The theory of everything

8. The theory of everything

The Theory of Everything is inspired by Traveling to infinity: My life with Stephen, a journal composed by the astrophysicist's first wife.

The film has been awarded around the world, especially by Eddie Redmayne, who won the BAFTA, the Golden Globe and the Oscar for best actor for his portrayal of Hawking.

This film of romance and pain tells us from the beginning of the love relationship between Stephen Hawking and his first wife, Jane, since they met as students at the University of Cambridge in the mid-60s in particular.

It focuses on the battle that both had against the degenerative disease that prostrated the well-known researcher in, at the age of 21 in a wheelchair he received the horrendous news that denoted his life.

These are some Netflix movies with a unique love drama. So enjoy them alone, or as a couple.