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The series 'Outlander' renews season 6 in StarZ and Movistar +

Luis Rafael
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The series 'Outlander' renews season 6 in StarZ and Movistar +
The series 'Outlander' renews season 6 in StarZ and Movistar +

The ' Outlander' series has been a of the most successful deliveries of the decade; and Starz managers have already announced the premiere of the sixth season.

The original StarZ series is also available on Movistar+ for the distribution of the new episodes of season 6. March 7 was the debut date of the new episodes of ' Outlander', and in less than 24 hours they handed over the production Movistar+ directors to broadcast in its series catalogue.

About the 'Outlander' series

'Outlander' is a unique StarZ production that debuted in 2014, managing to amass millions of followers since its first season was broadcast. It is inspired by the saga of novels by American author Diana Gabaldon and was created by screenwriter and director 'Ronald D. Moore'.

The story is a mix between romance, drama, adventure and fantasy, which is mainly focused on the life of two lovers, Jamie and Claire.

The series is set in World War II and presents the life of Claire, a married nurse who suffered an accident during a trip to Scotland that took her back in time.

As time passes, Claire wakes up in the same place where she was, unlike the fact that she is now in 1734. Then she will have to adapt to the different cultures that exist around her and learn to deal with the violent clans that exist in that Scotland. primitive.

During her stay in this new era, she will meet a man named Jack Randall, who will turn out to be her husband's ancestor.

Over time, Jack will fall in love with Claire, however, she will have to flee to another clan, where she will meet Jamie McTavish and they will have to commit to an arranged marriage.

The new season of Outlander premieres new episodes on Movistar +

It is important to mention that the wait for the series was longer than expected, " Outlander" had been absent on the platform for more than two years, being one of the most anticipated premieres of StarZ.

However, season 6 is now available and will now also be streamed on Movistar+ for subscribers in Spain, this is the first time the series has been streamed outside of Starz.

Thousands of Outlander fans have taken to social media to comment and spread the word about the new season's poster.

The first episode of the sixth season is now available, and it started again with the story of Claire and Jamie, just after the events of the end of 'T-5'.

The director of the series, Ronald D. Moore announced that the season will have 8 episodes only. Each one will premiere weekly on StarZ and Movistar+ simultaneously until the broadcast of the final episode of season 6.

It is worth mentioning that the first 5 seasons of Outlander are available on the Netflix platform. However, the new season will be available on said platform at the end of its television broadcast, in the first week of April.