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Baby Blue, myth or reality?

Grecia De Flores
4 min read

It is very common among women who have just given birth a feeling of sadness and emptiness that is not associated with any specific event, and causes great confusion and sometimes guilt.

They do not understand what is the origin of this feeling, and it confuses them, since the general belief is that after delivery everything has passed and there is only happiness for the new baby.

However, between 50 and 85% of women experience baby blue after childbirth, this is a name used to refer to those symptoms caused mainly by the hormonal imbalance that comes with postpartum.

Is it the same as postpartum depression?

The biggest difference between postpartum and baby blue is the intensity and duration with which the symptoms occur.

In the case of postpartum depression, symptoms can appear even months after delivery and in the same way last for weeks after the first symptoms appear.

Due to the intensity of the symptoms presented in postpartum depression, it is advisable to see a mental health specialist.

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Postpartum depression

Symptoms of Baby Blue

These are some of the symptoms that can occur in both baby blue and postpartum depression.

They do not usually appear all simultaneously, if so or if they are very intense, it is possible that you may have postpartum depression, and it is best to speak with a specialist.

  • Sudden mood swings

  • Sadness

  • Anxiety

  • Vacuum sensation

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Easy cry

  • Irritability

  • Feelings of guilt

  • Fatalistic thoughts

  • Feeling of exhaustion and lack of energy

  • Changes in appetite

  • Headaches

  • Digestive disorders

  • Chronic pain

The main causes of these symptoms are physiological, after delivery there is a hormonal release that can be the main trigger.

However, the psychological changes that have occurred and the changes in the new routine are also added.

How to overcome the baby blue?

You must remember that this feeling of sadness is very normal, you are not guilty that this is happening and above all, it will pass.

This is a complicated stage, but with time this feeling will disappear and there will be nothing to stop you from feeling full of your baby.

You are not alone

Lean on those around you to delegate those household chores that have to be done daily.

Your partner and family are your best allies at this time, communicate how you feel and tell them what they can do to help you.

It is also very beneficial to find support groups for parents, stay in touch with other families who are also going through this stage and share your experience with them.

If you have attended childbirth classes, keep in touch with the people in the group, create an emotional support network for those difficult times.

Be understanding with you

This stage is not easy, do not force yourself to attend social gatherings if you do not want to, it is valid to say no and prioritize your mental health and the well-being of your baby.

It is common for family and friends to want to visit and meet the baby, however if these situations do not make you feel comfortable you can reschedule them until you are better.

Rest well

It is common that the first days are especially hectic for you and your baby, you have to adapt to the new routine and this can be exhausting.

Try to rest when your baby is resting, even for two or three hours, take advantage of these moments for yourself and if you have not slept well, use this time to recharge.

Everything happens

This process can take weeks, but it will pass, this feeling will end, and your baby will be larger, will sleep longer and will be able to interact more with you.

Stay connected with you

Do not remain silent, express what you feel to your loved ones, they are your support. You can also keep a journal to document this process and drain those feelings.

Do activities to connect with yourself, look for spaces where you can do something that you enjoy and is not necessarily related to your baby.

It's okay to put a lot of energy into being a good mother and identifying your baby's needs, but you also have to remember that you are a self-interested woman and that's okay.

Baby blue is real and affects a large percentage of women, although this stage is beautiful it is also quite complex and full of changes, remember that your emotions are valid at all times and lean on your partner for a better functioning.