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Anxiety a disease of this century

Dilis Salazar
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15% of the world's population suffers from anxiety disorders.

Emotional disorders such as anxiety continue to have a negative impact on society.

Thousands of people, as a result of the quarantine, began to suffer from mental disorders associated with panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

This condition has been a phenomenon suffered by at least 10 and 15% of the population. Despite this, the disease can remain hidden, but the effects they cause can be very great.

Currently, anxiety begins with a feeling of fear, restlessness, dark thoughts, and things that haven't even happened yet. People who suffer from it tend to panic and can seldom fall asleep.

What is anxiety disorder and what are its causes?

An emotion is known as anxiety that we all feel at some point, it is produced through a psychophysiological reaction that activates the central nervous system and the entire organism.

Today anxiety has been considered a mental illness, which goes above depression.

For many, this is the true epidemic of the 21st century and it has grown exponentially, and according to the World Health Organization, it states that 1 in 10 inhabitants suffers from anxiety.

Anxiety a disease of this century – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
One in 10 people suffers from anxiety

This is not all, it was proven through studies that a third of Spanish adults can experience episodes of stress and mental illness related to anxiety.

One of the main causes for these crises to reproduce is the family and the economy.

Causes that produce anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by a hidden health problem. In certain cases, anxiety symptoms are the first indicators of an illness.

Some of the conditions that can cause this emotional disorder are:

1. Heart problems.

2. Diabetes.

3. Thyroid problems.

4. Respiratory disorders

5. Lung disease

6. Chronic pain

7. Frequent tumors

It can also arise from the effects of some medications; But the risk can increase according to the vulnerability of the people.

Risk factors when suffering from anxiety

Undoubtedly, when a person suffers from anxiety, it is important to know that some implications can cause a risk in the condition.

For example, a build-up of stress can lead to excessive anxiety.

This can be generated by the death of a family member, or by a financial situation.

Likewise, anxiety can be a very difficult condition to control in people who have endured trauma from a young age.

Personality also influences these emotional disorders, as well as depression and panic.

And another risk factor can be drugs and alcohol. Its misuse can worsen anxiety disorders.

Symptoms caused by anxiety

Anxiety disorders can cause worry, restlessness, trouble sleeping, sadness, irritability, and feelings of depression.

As for the physical symptoms, these include changes in heart rate, headache, nausea or diarrhea, sweating, and dry mouth.

Feeling faint, shaking or shaking, throat tightness, and trouble breathing.

Living with anxiety: What to do to balance the emotional state?

How important it is to live with good mental health, through it we can understand everything that happens to us, and be sure of what we do.

But when we suffer from an anxiety disorder, everything worsens. In this sense, I want to show you some actions that can help you control anxiety.

Change your vision of life: If you live constantly worrying about things that are fleeting, then you will end up suffering from this disease.

You should consider how to keep your peace and calm, even in difficult situations, and understand that you are not in control of all things.

Anxiety a disease of this century – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Change your perspective on life

Seek to maintain your usual routines: Routines help a lot, and these will help you to prevent anxiety from gaining ground.

The ideal is to control fear, complying with your daily routines.

Exercise: Whenever you can, add physical activity to your routines.

You can start the day with about 30 or 40 minutes of exercises. Physical exercise can help you control anxiety and relieve stress that you may be experiencing.

Get enough rest: Take a good time off; sleep is the best way to compose the body and mind.

The ideal is to sleep about 7 or 8 hours a day. Try to respect that time and forget about technology and social networks for a moment.

Look for a social activity: If you still join a good social circle, you can be related to friends that can help you overcome depressive symptoms.

Reduce caffeine consumption: At least at night you should no longer drink coffee, if you suffer from anxiety problems.

Many studies show that coffee can cause some nerve disorders, or fear. And its high dose increases anxiety, so try not to consume in so many portions.

Connect with the people you love: Take time to give value to the people you love, and forget about everything that causes you stress.

Learn to caress, love, hug and share, without any distraction. Physical contact can help you release oxytocin and lower cortisol. This lowers blood pressure and heart rate, with physical symptoms of stress.

Practice deep breathing: You must learn to release stress, and one of the best ways is through deep breathing.

These exercises can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is what controls relaxation.

The goal of this exercise is to focus your awareness, and breathe slowly and deeply, to lower your heart rate and feel calmer.

What to eat if you suffer from anxiety?

There are some foods that also help you control your mind, and allow you to improve stress and anxiety levels.

Among them are the banana as a source of magnesium, which regulates anxiety. The fruits with green leaves are also indicated foods, perfect to combat stress and strengthen the immune system.

Avocado consumption is also essential; as it helps release neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which improves mood.

Anxiety a disease of this century – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Change your diet

And nuts can also be present in your snacks, to strengthen the immune system and reduce anxiety. They are a source of vitamin B.

You can combine your diet with any of these foods and completely avoid the consumption of sugar, foods rich in sodium, coffee, alcohol and everything that is processed.

As you will see, at some point we all suffer from anxiety and although in some cases it may seem normal, we cannot forget that when we do not control it, we can end up suffering from more severe disorders such as panic.

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