Benefits of vitamin C for hair

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The benefits of vitamin C for hair are just one facet of this vitamin. Being instantly related to the immunity of the human body, the sources of this vitamin they are used to prevent and treat various diseases.

However, the relationship between this substance and the hair continues to create doubts and myths. We will help you understand how vitamin C works with hair benefits.

Benefits of vitamin C for hair – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

In the vitamin table, the best known is vitamin C. Since we were children we have learned that orange, lemon and some other fruits are acidic and / or sour due to the presence of this property. In a way, it's true, andthat vitamin C is actually ascorbic acid.

Its popularity is mainly due to the foods in which it is present, particularly fruits. being an acid, in some juices, this substance acts as a protagonist, which logically results in an effect and an acid taste. This is the case of lemon, for example.

But this vitamin is not only present in the fruit. In fact, the largest sources of vitamin C do not even correspond to the fruit (see topic "foods rich in vitamin C"). Seen this, take a look at the benefits of that acid and how you can use them to improve your hair.

Vitamin C: the secret to healthy hair

One of the secrets of good vitamin C intake is that it contributes (and a lot) to the health and quality of hair. And best of all, that can happen in two ways.

Benefits of vitamin C for hair – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The first is when you ingest vitamin C in food. The second, when we use vitamin C directly in the hair.

First, there are the benefits of food. Ascorbic acid is responsible for providing quality, shine, strength and nutrition for the skin, nails and hair. Without vitamin C, the hair loses its shine and strength, which can cause a fall. Know, then, the benefits:

Prevents and treats hair loss

The main causes of hair loss are related to eating problems, stress and hormonal fluctuations. Related to food, the weakness due to lack of vitamins is one of those responsible for hair loss.

Everyone knows that vitamin C is responsible for strengthening the body and increasing its defenses. Therefore, when hair loss is due to vitamin deficiency in the body, the intake of ascorbic acid is the solution.

The antioxidants of vitamin C also help our body to absorb more iron. The lack of iron in our body is also one of the reasons for weak and brittle hair.

In addition, it makes the hair more resistant, which reduces hair loss when it occurs for other reasons, such as stress and hormones altered.

Prevents baldness

Baldness comes from a genetic issue, in most cases. There is no method to prevent the hair from falling out if that feature is from the "nature" "of the organism. Meanwhile, vitamin C can delay the process.

Studies show that vitamin C nourishes hair yarns to the point of increasing its quality and strength. That way, it causes baldness to appear sooner than it should be.

The strongest threads also have stronger roots, which slows baldness mainly in young people, but tend to bald.

Benefits of vitamin C for hair – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Makes hair grow faster

that's! Regular ingestion of vitamin C has great potential to increase hair growth. Many people believe that the growth of the threads refers to genetic pre-availability, which defines speed. The truth is that the hair grows faster when the person is healthy.

Therefore, ascorbic acid helps in this process in two ways: strengthening the body and providing the synthesis of collagen.

Collagen is responsible for the quality of the skin and the construction of the hair. Vitamin C strengthens the synthesis of collagen consumed, which makes the strands grow faster and increase the diameter.

Accelerates the extraction of hair dye

Some colors of hair dye are very difficult to achieve. This is the case of red, dark tones and tones of color. If you want to get rid of the color you put on the cables, washing them with vitamin C is an alternative.

This method is known by people who dye their hair a lot, of the most varied colors. The indication consists of dissolving a 500 g vitamin C tablet in a large glass of water. when the tablet dissolves, use the mixture to wash your hair.

Repeating this task twice a week, the color of the ink is reduced and becomes lighter, which accelerates the elimination. It is also an alternative to soften strong colors.

Increases hair shine

Daily ingestion and weekly washing of hair with vitamin C is also recommended for people with dull, dry and lifeless hair. This is also due to the collagen present in the vitamin itself and also in the body.

Benefits of vitamin C for hair – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Foods rich in vitamin C

Citric fruits

At the top of the list of "foods with vitamin C "that comes in our mind are the citrus fruits. And yes, they are the favorites of the nutritionists as a source of vitamin C in daily diets. keep in mind the following:

Among the best known sources of this vitamin in the group of fruits are lemon (79 mg / 100 g), orange (47.5 mg / 100 g), the red cashew nut (274.8 mg / 100 g) and the guava (80.2 mg / 100 g).

However, these are not the greatest sources of vitamin C in this category. Many people do not know that information, but grapefruit is the fruit most rich in vitamin C. Strawberry, mango and melon are also potential sources.

This happens because citrus fruits add ascorbic acid to the body with a lot of flavor, which facilitates daily ingestion. Meanwhile, it's not just in fruits where we can find vitamin C. check out the other options below.


This is where you discover one of the most surprising information about vitamin C. The truth is that in 100 g of yellow paprika provides more than 4 times the ascorbic acid of the same amount of lemon. What is a great proof that it is not only in fruits that we obtain that benefit.

In addition to yellow paprika, green paprika, cabbage, broccoli and turnip are excellent sources-quite rich-of vitamin C.


Some herbs are also very rich in ascorbic acid. This is the case of parsley, which has more than twice as much vitamin C as lemon. the leaves of red radish, beet, black radish and white turnip are also sources of vitamin C.

Benefits of vitamin C

Ascorbic acid helps the body in various ways. Among the main advantages of the consumption of vitamin C is the prevention of the formation of free radicals.

Benefits of vitamin C for hair – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Free radicals are molecules that are formed in the body that cause the oxidation of cells and cause premature aging. Further, the specialist points out other advantages of vitamin C consumption

Ascorbic acid performs collagen synthesis, which helps to structure the tissues by joining the cells; It helps to heal and strengthens the health of the vascular walls, bones and teeth.

The lack of vitamin C in the body causes many problems in the human body. the main symptoms are weakness, anorexia, anemia, paleness, loss of skin and teeth quality, shortness of breath and inflammation of the gums.

The final phase of vitamin C deficiency is a disease called scurvy. It is caused by severe deficiency of ascorbic acid, and causes bleeding and inflammation of the gums, severe weakness, malfunction of the body's systems and, finally, death.

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