Bleeding hemorrhoids

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It is known that at least one in five people at some time in their life suffer or have suffered from hemorrhoidal problems, so it is not surprising that the disease of hemorrhoids is positioned among the main affections suffered by men and women around the world.

For those who do not know, hemorrhoids are a group of veins found in the rectum and anus, which work to fulfill functions related to the evacuation of feces.

Bleeding hemorrhoids – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

However, we usually know hemorrhoids as a disease, which occurs when these veins, due to the force exerted when trying to expel stool, they end up swelling and generating the symptoms that are well known.

Among these symptoms, bleeding always stands out, since it is the main consequence of hemorrhoidal inflammation, that is why throughout this article we will talk more about it, treating why the bleeding happens, how to treat it, and other related topics that will be of interest.

The first thing you should know about bleeding hemorrhoids

The reason why hemorrhoids usually bleed is because, when swollen, they fill with blood, whereby the effective diameter of the rectum and anus to allow the passage of stool is reduced, with the consequence that the walls of these veins are rubbed by the fecal matter and their friction wear the membrane that covers the hemorrhoid.

Hence the fact that blood appears.

However, not always the presence of blood when using the toilet strictly suggests the condition of hemorrhoids, since other conditions such as anal cancer, anal fissures or colon problems can present these symptoms.

For this reason it is necessary to consider all the symptoms to be sure of what is the cause of the bleeding. Itching and anal inflammation may indicate that bleeding is due to hemorrhoids.

Bleeding hemorrhoids – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Some common treatments used for bleeding hemorrhoids

As a general rule to fight bleeding and other types of hemorrhoids it is always important to avoid scratching the affected area despite the discomfort, as this only worsens the state of the hemorrhoids coating and increases bleeding.

It is also suggested to avoid postponing the urge to go to the bathroom or stay seated in the toilet for a long time.

Avoiding at all costs suffering from constipation is vital to avoid the suffering of bleeding hemorrhoids, because when the stools are stiffer and thicker, they force a greater effort to evacuate them, which translates into an increase in blood pressure in the area and therefore, a greater problem with hemorrhoidal bleeding.

A solution to the problem of hemorrhoidal bleeding

Although there are home treatments to combat hemorrhoidal problems, in the particular case of bleeding hemorrhoids, due to the characteristics of the condition, they put the patient at greater risk, since it is especially exposed to infections in the area.

To this is added the consequence of the accumulation of blood, since it can always be complicated and end up generating a hemorrhoidal thrombosis.

For these reasons bleeding hemorrhoids patients are always advised to consider the surgical removal of hemorrhoids, which prevents them from being exposed to the aforementioned diseases.

The surgery process is quite simple and almost always eliminate the problem completely and permanently.

More information regarding medical interventions for bleeding hemorrhoids

As you have just read, it is important to consider submitting to medical processes to eliminate the problem from its origin.

There are several methods used by doctors, one of the most used is the elastic bands, in which the doctor binds the hemorrhoids to prevent blood from circulating.

This means that in addition to stopping the bleeding, hemorrhoids detach naturally and stop generating problems.

Other techniques used by specialists and practiced almost always with patients with hemorrhoids bleeding problem in more advanced state is the one mentioned above, we talk about hemorrhoidectomy, a technique that consists of removing hemorrhoids surgically and controlled, which results in the disappearance of bleeding and the rest of the symptoms.

Prevention of hemorrhoidal problems

Take care of yourself, the best way to avoid bleeding hemorrhoids

Now let's talk about the prevention of hemorrhoidal problems, in this topic always recommend the usual recommendations for those who suffer from this disease, highlights fiber-rich diets, periodic physical exercise, the intake of a minimum of two liters of water daily, avoid the intake of alcohol and foods seasoned with spicy and others.

However, it is necessary to consider some extra tips for people who tend to suffer from constipation, as this is one of the main causes of bleeding hemorrhoids and their grievance.

To avoid suffering from constipation people should avoid dairy consumption, processed and refined foods, snacks and other excessive sugar foods such as soft drinks and soft drinks.

To end this informative article, it is necessary to call for awareness, since the disease of bleeding hemorrhoids usually begins as a very minor problem and people downplay it.

However, there are many cases in which men and women arrive to develop anemia due to excessive bleeding, as well as problems derived from blood coagulation.

The most alarming aspect of this disease in particular is how common it is for people who live in the West, because of unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles conspire perfectly to make an individual prone to hemorrhoids.

However, it is necessary to consider some extra tips for people who tend to suffer from constipation, as this is one of the main causes of bleeding hemorrhoids and their grievance.