Breast or breast cancer

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Breast or breast cancer – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

When a certain age is reached it is advisable to get checked and to resort to the doctor constantly since the body tends to present anomalies after a few years. It is always good to know each part of your body and when presenting oddities it is important to go with an expert.

At the age of 40, it is essential to have mammograms once a year since breast cancer is the most common to present and especially in women. Touch yourself! And discards in time the possibility of having this fatal disease.

What is breast cancer?

Cancer in the breast or breast cancer It begins when the cells begin to spread more than normal and grow out of control, they usually tend to form a tumor in the breast that in many cases can be felt as a mass or pelotica.

This happens in women but there are also possibilities that occur in men. If the tumor is malignant they tend to spread throughout all parts of the body as metastases.

These originates in any part of the breast, it can be in the conduit that originates the milk towards the nipple that is called ductal cancers, and others begin in the glands that produce the milk that is called lobular cancers.

Symptoms of breast cancer

It manifests through a lump, pelotica in the breast, this is palpable and does not cause any pain other symptoms are the skin alterations or the retraction of the breast.

Treatments for breast cancer

Breast or breast cancer – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

This is according to how this is or how advanced breast cancer is and whether the cancer cells are sensitive to hormones. There are several options to treat breast cancer such as surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation or hormonal therapy.

The operations that are used to treat this cancer are:

  • Breast cancer removal "Tumorectomy" Here the tumor and a part of the healthy tissue that surrounds it is extracted, this is recommended to remove small tumors if it is bigger must first undergo chemotherapy and then apply a tumorectomy to eliminate it completely.

  • Extirpation of the whole breast "mastectomy" here all breast tissue is removed. In most cases, the breast tissue, ducts, lobes, adipose tissue and even the nipple and areola are removed. Mastectomy can also be performed with the preservation of the skin using newer techniques.

  • Extraction of lymph nodes "Sentinel lymph node biopsy"This is in case the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes but there is the probability that the cancer is here, it is not necessary to remove it.

  • Extraction of several lymph nodes "Axillary lymph node dissection" if cancer is detected in the lymph nodes, lymph nodes under the axilla are also removed.

  • Removal of the two breasts many women who are detected cancer in one of the breasts and when extracted they ask that they extract the other also to reduce the risk of getting cancer in the other that is healthy. This occurs due to a genetic predisposition or family history.

  • Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells, often practiced after surgery to rule out the appearance of cancer again. This has side effects such as nausea, hair loss and fatigue.

  • Hormone therapy known as hormone blocking therapy, it is used to treat hormone-sensitive breast cancer. This can be applied before or after surgery or other treatments, if the cancer has spread this helps control it.

  • Radiotherapy here X-rays and protons are used to fight cancer cells. This can be from 3 days to 6 weeks depending on the treatment.

Breast or breast cancer – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Its causes and prevention

There are many causes for breast cancer among them are: age, genetics, reproductive factors, you have had breast cancer before, breast density, ionizing radiation, many times obesity

It is advisable to meet you, self-scan your body and get mammograms after age 40 years are one of the most useful possibilities to prevent this disease in time or to fight it quickly