Desmodium adscendens: Cure for the LIVER

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Desmodium adscendens: Plant that helps with the regeneration of the liver

Known as desmodium, this plant is an excellent remedy to help the regeneration of the liver. It also helps to relax smooth muscle fibers.

Desmodium adscendens: Cure for the LIVER – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Liver functions of the Desmodium adscendens

Although the Desmodium Adscendens plant it has a lot of benefit, it is important to know a little more about the concept of liver functions.

The first thing you should know is that the liver works like a filter which works tirelessly to keep healthy, regulated and purified the organism of various toxic substances.

Thanks to this protein is synthesized and captures everything harmful that you add through food and drink.

Curious fact: the liver is the largest and most complex organ that our body possesses, it intervenes in 500 functions. On the other hand next to the gall bladder, it develops metabolic functions, acts on hormones and many other functions.

Desmodium adscendens: Cure for the LIVER – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Liver regeneration with Desmodium adscendens

As you should know, the liver has the capacity to regenerate itself, as long as it is given the right tools. All this happens thanks to the stem cells, but for this to happen, the liver must be at least 25% healthy.

Another important point that you must take into account is that this organ is very sensitive, because of this it is destroyed faster than any other. TOsome risk factors are:

• Alcohol.

• Certain diseases.

• Eat too much fat.

• Metabolic alterations.

Desmodium adscendens plant for liver regeneration

In herbal medicine there are different natural remedies capable of improving liver function. Although there are a large number of medicinal plants with benefits for the liver, the one that stands out is the Desmodium. Some characteristics of this plant are:

Desmodium adscendens: Cure for the LIVER – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

• Light green leaves.

• Its flowers are light violet.

• You have green fruits of 25 cm in length.

• It has alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids and anthocyanins.

• It has bronchodilator and antihistamine properties.

• It is a creeping plant with stems that are rolled in the palm trees or cocoteras.

• Serves as a naturopathic treatment for asthma, dysentery, constipation and abdominal cramps.

In addition to the above, this plant helps normalize enzyme levels in the liver and helps relax smooth muscle fibers. In the same way, it serves as an effective remedy to treat the symptoms of hepatitis.

On the other hand, this plant has the ability to keep the immune system in good condition, so it is very effective in people with diseases such as HIV.

Finally, this plant receives other names such as "amor seco", "burbur", "barba de boí" or "pega pega".

Consumption of Desmodium Adscendens

To start this plant can be found in some health food stores and in different forms such as dried plant, extract, mother tincture or capsules.

In case you want to boost the regeneration of the liver, we recommend associating other medicinal plants, rosemary or sea thistle.

Desmodium adscendens: Cure for the LIVER – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Liver problems

If you have liver problems you should consume 6 or 10 grams daily of this dry plant in the form of infusion. For this you must boil it in a liter of water.

If it is about acute phases, you should maintain the treatment for 2 or 4 weeks, but if it is a chronic phase, it should be between six and eight weeks. Before consuming, you should consult your doctor and he or she can inform you about the convenience or not of consuming Desmodium Adscendens.

Medical treatment with pills

If you are undergoing treatment where you need to take pills that can damage the liver, you should consume an infusion of Desmodium Adscendens a day this should be done before, during and after treatment. For the infusion you must add 6 grams per liter of water.

Fatty liver

This condition affects the regeneration of the liver, which is why it is recommended to take a daily dose of 10 grams between one and three months. In case it is a person with allergies the dose should be 5 grams per day. This should always be in the form of an infusion.

IMPORTANT: If you suffer from liver problems you should consult the doctor immediately and remember this plant serves as a supplement or aid to medical treatment. That is, even if you consume this plant you must continue with your treatment.