Differences between hemorrhoids and piles

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In the language of the Spanish speakers, the dialect often modifies some terms that a priori mean the same thing.

In terms of health, many people suffer from an illness in the anal area that some know as hemorrhoids and others as piles.

If you have doubts if it is the same or there is a difference in terms of symptoms or other factors you are not the only one, in fact many people ask that.

Differences between hemorrhoids and piles – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The answer is simple, No, there is no difference between hemorrhoids and piles, in fact they are two different connotations to refer to the same disease that consists of the inflammation of the ano-rectal area that tends to generate pain and other complications for those who suffer from the illness.

The fact that there are at least two ways of referring to the disease is simply because in each country they have colloquial ways of referring to it.

For this reason, after having resolved a very common question among the Spanish-speaking community, we are going to talk about this pathophysiology that is so uncomfortable and annoying both for elderly men and women (and not so much), since you surely know someone who suffers and may find it useful to know more about it.

How to know if I have hemorrhoids or piles

If you have suspicions of presenting signs of hemorrhoids, you must first know the symptoms clearly.

This disease has a particular characteristic, and it is that at the moment that the person who suffers it goes to the bathroom, it can perceive a pain when defecating, as well as to notice blood in the feces or in the paper with which it is cleaned, to the latter it is known as hemorrhoids bleeding

Differences between hemorrhoids and piles – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Now, why do hemorrhoids bleed? The answer is as follows; Hemorrhoids are veins that are found in the ano-rectal duct, and are responsible for controlling and containing stool.

When the person suffers from constipation and makes an effort to evacuate, the hemorrhoids fill with blood and swell complicating the task even more.

During this effort the veins can be injured and shed blood.

There are many solutions for your symptoms

There are many questions on the internet, such as deflating hemorrhoids, removing hemorrhoids and even what are the solutions for hemorrhoids.

And the answers are usually directed to recommend a series of medicines for hemorrhoids that can be purchased freely or natural remedy hemorrhoids as an alternative, and even in severe cases it is usually suggested to undergo surgery.

Because there are many treatments that exist to fight hemorrhoids or piles, we decided to separate them and talk a little about each one in this article, so that you can see the different options that exist, as well as also inform you better before opting for any.

A variety of home remedy for hemorrhoids

There is an infinite variety of natural remedies that can be done at home to treat hemorrhoids or piles.

Among the main and most used is chamomile, which for its anesthetic properties and anti-inflammatory drugs are ideal to end the pain of hemorrhoids.

To use chamomile simply hydrate a sachet of chamomile tea in warm water and apply gently in the inflamed area of ​​the anus after evacuation.

Among the most recommended home remedies by naturist doctors and expert grandmas in all that relates is garlic, a powerful astringent that quickly deflates and eliminates pressure from the affected area of ​​the anus.

To use it, just insert a clove of garlic into the rectum for about twenty minutes and wait for the effects. There are also other remedies such as the sap of aloe vera, laurel, olive oil and many others.

Regarding medications, the following stand out

Just go to the pharmacist and ask what to take for hemorrhoids and they will offer you a variety of medications that work to combat the symptoms and disease in question.

Some pills stand outthey contain lidocaine and active components of witch hazel, which, when ingested, relieve pain effectively. However, among the most common medications are creams or topical ointments.

Among these creams there are several generic groups that are classified according to their properties, there are anesthetic creams that can be used every time you suffer from the pain of hemorrhoids.

There are also astringents, which deflate and reduce the itch that generate the hemorrhoids, and as these exist diversity, it is enough to search for the commercial names and go in search of some, since they act quickly and effectively.

Different surgeries that exist to end hemorrhoids or piles

Some people neglect the disease and allow it to progress quickly, so in those cases hemorrhoids or piles reach a degree such that they require a surgical intervention to treat them, as in their state is not enough with simple creams to finish with the symptoms or the consequences that this uncomfortable affliction generates.

The most common surgeries are those that take advantage of laser technology to treat the area, hemorrhoidectomy; which consists basically in the removal of the piles, there are also the less abrasive methods such as the rubber band method.

This method consists of placing elastic bands on the hemorrhoids so that they dry out and fall on their own. To know more about surgeries of this type consult a specialist doctor.

Important fact about hemorrhoids that everyone should know

In recent years (2001 to the present), statistical reports unveiled by studies of various health entities have revealed that 50 percent of people aged over 30 are prone or suffer from hemorrhoids, something that breaks with the paradigm that this disease only affects the elderly.

These alarming data are due to people not taking care of their habits to go to the bathroom and defecate without mistreating this delicate area of ​​the body, as well as the lack of physical exercise, which makes the digestive system unhealthy to do its processes digestion, and as many know: the unhealthy diets of the West, which do not help the body to break down food and generate stool more docile to evacuate.

Knowing this data should work as a call for conscience so that you can resort to better life habits and food that allows you to avoid suffering from this embarrassing disease.