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Discover the effects of anger on your health

Maria de Piña
5 min read
Discover the effects of anger on your health – Wellness and Health
Discover the effects of anger on your health.

Experiencing discomfort that can take you to the limits of your tolerance is normal, however, anger can affect your health, and we are not just referring to the emotional one.

Just as laughter can be very productive physically and emotionally, anger has the opposite effect. It comes to cause damage to our body and harm our interpersonal relationships.

Certainly, anger is a spontaneous feeling, but even so, controllable, and for you to determine, I show you its consequences.

How does anger affect my body?

Discover the effects of anger on your health – Wellness and Health
How can anger affect my body?

Emotions are closely linked to the functioning of our body, so it is not surprising that anger has some repercussions on it.

Therefore, you will understand that avoiding getting angry is a very healthy practice, since this way you protect yourself from the following problems.

heart failure

Anger causes a strong alteration in the emotional state, which generates an increase in pressure and blood flow. This is also accompanied by an increase in substances such as adrenaline, which ends up uncontrolling the natural state of the body.

When this action occurs frequently, it results in the appearance of arrhythmia or tachycardia, uncontrolled blood pressure, and in stronger cases, it can cause a heart attack.


When we go through an episode of anger, our body releases adrenaline in large amounts, which is the same substance that is released in dangerous situations.

This means that when we return to a state of rest we can perceive pain in some areas of the body.

In general, the most affected areas are the back, head and shoulders. It is not a response that occurs frequently, but if the state of anger is strong or constant, the pain will surely manifest itself.

damages the liver

With anger comes an increase in bile production, which goes beyond normal standards.

This creates a lack of control in the correct liver function, and as it occurs more frequently, it deteriorates this organ and also the gallbladder.

affects the skin

Anger enters the faithful collaborators of stress, and when it dominates much of our day it can cause rashes, welts or itching.

On the other hand, when we are angry, our sense of touch is clouded, so we can be more rough than usual when scratching or rubbing, hurting ourselves.

How does anger affect my relationships?

Prolonged and continuous anger not only leads to physical problems, but also social and psychological ones, since it is not a very favorable behavior when it comes to building effective relationships.

Bad communication

One of the main areas that is affected is the exchange of information, this due to the character of the person.

When it is known that someone tends to get angry easily, people around them usually refrain from asking questions or sharing information to avoid their bad mood.


When there is a strong tendency to be in a bad mood, very few people will want to live with someone who has this behavior, this leads them to be lonely most of the time.

By this I do not mean that you will not get friends, a partner or enjoy your family, however, the chances are reduced if you do not control the moments of anger.


Anger can arise in a justified way or not, and although it is the second, this goes from being an annoyance of a single person, to a dispute between those involved.

Also, keep in mind that tolerance should be a principle to apply, but unfortunately many do not put it into practice.

How do I control anger?

Discover the effects of anger on your health – Wellness and Health
Keys to control anger.

It is inevitable that situations will occur that cause you anger, there are many external factors that cannot be controlled.

But, what you can control is your response mode and the attitude with which you face each conflict. To achieve this, take into account the following.

Everything has a solution

One of the main sources of anger are very simple problems such as coordinating an arrival time or performing a task. These things cause us to enter a state of severe discomfort without need.

Learn to recognize that these kinds of problems have simple answers, and getting angry doesn't help.

Try to train your mind to focus on solving the problem, and not on the conflict or the culprits.

practice breathing

When there are moments of tension where circumstances occur that make us angry, a good recommendation is to step aside for a moment and take several deep breaths.

These breaths will help you drain and oxygenate the brain to act calmly.

This way you will not react from your most basic impulses and you will say some answer that you later regret.

combat stress

The buildup of stress and pressure is the most common reason for angry behavior. So you should try to integrate all the relaxing elements that you can, to the environments in which you live.

  • Maintain a clean and orderly work space.

  • Play music that you like.

  • Use flavorings with mild scents.

  • Have some means of distraction at hand.

These and any other elements that help you relax will be of great benefit.

Without a doubt, anger is something that we have to deal with constantly, but the ideal is that we can control it, and not that it controls us.

Take care of yourself comprehensively, smile more and get angry less, it is a treatment that costs nothing and contributes a lot.