Do you know what is the most effective vaccine against the Covid-19? According to the CDC is that of modern

Grecia De Flores
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The modern vaccine is recognized by many scientists as the most effective in the world against hospitalization by the disease of the Covid-19, followed by the vaccine developed by Pfizer and Johnson & AMP monodose; Johnson. The Disease Control and Prevention Center, better known by its acronym in English CDC disclose a new study in which it points out that the effectiveness of such vaccines are as follows.

· Modern has 93%,

· While the Pfizer / Biontech is 88%

· And that of Johnson & AMP; Johnson is 71%.

Do you know what is the most effective vaccine against the Covid-19? According to the CDC is...

However, we may notice that these data show various variations within vaccine protection levels, it is common to notice that all approved vaccines or even those that are authorized have offered your users protection Substantial against hospitalization by the Virus of the Covid-19. Various are CDC Report in which more than 3,600 adult data were collected, who during the month of March and August were hospitalized and which helped collect such figures.

The researchers ensure that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine has a visible decrease unlike that which is seen with the modern vaccine, since it is from the fourth month, that we can see significant results , date that matches the administration of the second dose.

Within the possible explanations, we can find that this is the period of time in which we stand between the first and second dose, while with the modern vaccine we can see it between the four weeks. Likewise with the pfizer it is between three weeks. These data would give you greater margin in order to strengthen the antibodies.

In that case What are our options?

The Vaccines of Pfizer and the Modern vaccines have a much more sophisticated technology, since it is based on the RNA-messenger; While the one who has developed Johnson & AMP; Johnson is based on an adenovirus, as well as traditional vaccines.

It is just this day Friday when a meeting is held, in which the FDA Committee of the FDA best known as the Drug Administration and US Food will study if you can give it or not green light to one of the reinforcing doses offered by the Pfizer vaccine against the Virus of the Covid-19, and which has given much to talk in recent months, since the insistence of removing you to the public, has come directly By the Government of President Joe Biden, very despite all the doubts expressed by the scientific community in the United States.

Only 63.5% of the population in the United States greater than 12 years old, is fully vaccinated, so the pace of inoculation has been slowed down during recent months, which has also raised the concern among the population in General and the health authorities, since everything points out that there is a risk of rebounding cases due to the delta variant.