Exercises for the cervical

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It is possible to strengthen your cervicals with these exercise routines, so that you eliminate those recurrent headaches and neck that are associated with the cervical, hence in addition to ensuring a better posture, remembering that exercising the muscles that make up the cervical area is indispensable to avoid discomfort.

Exercises for the cervical – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Raul Ferrer Peña, Madrid Health Service.

Effective exercises to strengthen cervical and prevent pain

In addition to being simple and not demanding too much time or effort, the following routine is perfect for cervical strengthening provided it is performed at least 4 days a week in a comfortable place.

Exercise #1. Nod

The first of the list consists of an exercise worked in two different ways. The first, by tilting the head back and forth, taking care to touch the chest with the chin before slowly pushing it back as far as possible.

Also very slowly, you should tilt your head to the sides as if you were trying to touch the shoulders with the ears, it is important to keep your eyes facing forward at all times.

Exercise #2. Exercise in bank

To continue the routine, you will need a bench on which to stand face down leaving the head that has to be loose looking towards the ground.

With the hands arranged on the nape of the neck, as when you do an abdominal, you drop your head to then raise it.

Empower the effect is possible by exerting some pressure with your hands or incorporating some weight.

Exercise #3. Circular movements

The third of the exercises that make up the routine is one of the most used and ideal to complement the aforementioned pair.

Basically, it is about drawing circles with the head as deep as possible, in fact, it is recommended that the head rub shoulders and chest, in addition to bringing the head back to the maximum.

Exercise #4. Turn of the head

Like the first recommendation, it is an executable exercise in two different ways because it is based on looking to the right side and then to the left.

The second, much deeper than the first, consists of rotal the head as much as possible while tilting the head forward in a suitable position to bring the head to each shoulder allowing the chin to touch one, then the chest, and finally, the other.

Exercise #5. Shrug

The last alternative to strengthen the cervical is performed standing or sitting with the arms on the sides of the body, then, raise the shoulders as much as possible without moving the head.

It is important to maintain the posture for about 5 seconds before returning the shoulders to the starting position. Assuming that a greater effect is desired, it is convenient to complement the exercise with dumbbells or hand weights.

Exercises for the cervical – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Additional recommendations for cervical exercises

It is important to emphasize the essentials of carrying out each exercise slowly, otherwise there is a risk of injury. On the other hand, it is advisable to prepare the area by heating it with the application of a little heat.

After the routine, cold apply, thus reducing the inflammation caused by the exercises and favoring optimal recovery.

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Ejercicios para la cervical
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