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Familiarize yourself with “Wellness” and its health benefits

Ramiro Guzman
4 min read
Familiarize yourself with “Wellness” and its health benefits
The practice of "Wellness" has become a common and healthy habit for the community in general.

Everything seems to indicate that the concept of health published by the WHO was missing an ingredient. In short, to be holistic, the implementation of Wellness lets us know.

It is a practice whose purpose is to make the individual feel more complete and fulfilled. But all this is not only evaluated from the physical point of view but also spiritual.

It is a new lifestyle, promoted by psychologists, philosophers, and being recreated in hotels, spas, and travel agencies. In a short time, Wellness is becoming a very popular trend.

How was this movement for life born?

It has its beginnings in the 50s, in what became known as The Wellness Movement, where its creator, Halbert L. Dunt, presented a hypothesis of great caliber.

In it, he precisely established the scenario where health encompasses the balance of three spheres. Three compartments are divided into the mental, physical, and spiritual spectrum. At the end of the day, it was a crucial premise to make the human being feel self-fulfilling.

Familiarize yourself with “Wellness” and its health benefits
It is a practice that balances the physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, social, and more.

Not only did Halbert L. Dunt pioneer this lifestyle, but there were philosophers in ancient Greece who had thoughts similar to his. One was Plato, who stated that the soul and the body were an entity, so health should be approached from both points of view.

How would put Wellness into practice benefit you?

According to the National Department of Welfare (NWI), he stratified it into 6 dimensions. Each one of them understands and addresses different factors of life separately.

For his part, Dr. Bill Hettler was responsible for the current modeling. Precisely in it, physical, occupational, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional well-being are embodied. The premise of this initiative is that everyone is equally important.

Familiarize yourself with “Wellness” and its health benefits
Feeling good in all the components of life is the primary objective of Wellness.

Focusing on the human being, appreciating their principles and values, it will be possible to achieve better individual and collective well-being in the future.

Although all this is treated more from a subjective than objective perspective, it will depend on the individual what he considers as well-being for his own life.

Keys to a great experience in this way of life

To enjoy the benefits of Wellness, it is necessary to be aware of what you want to achieve. And of course, bearing in mind that it is a practice to be exercised without harming third parties in the search for it.

  1. One of these benefits is to feel comfortable in the workplace, as long as you do what you are passionate about, so as not to fall into dualities.

  2. Exercising daily, not for the frivolous purpose of achieving a slim body. On the contrary, if you can't feel more healthy, it will have a longer impact.

  3. Desire to learn a language or a topic about it every day. It is also a good idea to teach what you have learned, which will cause positive feedback that will encourage you to do it more and more often.

  4. Having self-esteem will have a positive influence in the medium term, family relationships, couples as well as friends. Indeed, it will allow harmony with everyone and at all times.

  5. Spiritually, what it aims to do is create awareness of what it is and the meaning of our presence in the world.

Familiarize yourself with “Wellness” and its health benefits
A good application of Wellness will improve the quality of life on different fronts.

Adopting a positive attitude in the face of any circumstance that arises, such as respecting the feelings of others, will lead to greater interpersonal empathy.

Tips to start putting it into practice

To achieve a balance in life within the physical, the mental, and the spiritual various practices can be started.

One of them is meditation, in which we will be able to channel the environment that surrounds us, being more aware of our thoughts, sensations, and emotions.

Therefore, by meditating with greater frequency and intensity, it will be possible to enter a state of lucidity and tranquility that will allow better well-being. In turn, accepting defects as virtues, weaknesses as strengths, will honor self-esteem without trying to hide or deny emotions.

Ultimately, Wellness is not achieved overnight, as it is a practice that requires dedication, perseverance, and discipline. To enjoy its benefits in the medium to long term, it must be assumed with patience and a good attitude towards life.