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Foundations of a healthy relationship: The best tips for living as a couple and happily

Grecia De Flores
4 min read
Foundations of a healthy relationship: The best tips for living as a couple and happily
Live as a couple and happy

Sometimes talking about healthy couples does not lead to believe that there are perfect couples, which is very far from reality.

Although healthy relationships do not imply perfection, it is not achieved without working on it, we have to have several things present to achieve this balance.

Love is necessary for being in a relationship to have meaning, but we have to ask ourselves what we are understanding by love and if it really is.

Sometimes we tend to minimize the bad attitudes of our partner because we feel in love, but this can lead to turbulent relationships.

Maintaining respect, communication, and trust is essential for a healthy relationship.

What are the foundations of a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is one in which both parties strive to avoid abusive, manipulative, disrespectful or humiliating behaviors.

Being able to have a healthy partner is part of being healthy as an individual, we cannot maintain a good relationship with others if we do not maintain a good relationship with ourselves.


This is one of the main reasons why couples have conflicts that can lead to breakup.

Communicate your disagreements, concerns and emotions with respect to your partner, this will make it possible for them to deal with these situations that are causing conflict and to resolve them.

It is important that you maintain an active listening posture when your partner is communicating something to you, try not to interrupt.

In this way you will be able to really understand how your partner thinks and feels about the situation, and you will avoid direct attacks.

Returning the arguments to those who did it wrong in general does not help to resolve the conflict, think about how they can jointly resolve the situation that is generating the conflict and not about attacking your partner.

It is possible to disagree respectfully, validate your partner's emotions and feelings, as he must validate yours, they will not always agree and that does not have to imply lack of consideration or respect.

Quality time

Relationships must be cultivated, it is necessary that you dedicate time to your relationship. Do not take small moments for granted, do activities together that connect them and remind them of those things they like about each other and about their relationship.

Time together favors connection, love and the security of the relationship.

Foundations of a healthy relationship: The best tips for living as a couple and happily
Healthy relationships

I respect

It is vital that you respect your partner as an individual, that you consider their emotional and physical limits.

This helps to increase trust and creates a healthy and pleasant environment within the relationship. Your partner must be your equal, it is not healthy for there to be a relationship of power or superiority on the part of one of the members of the couple with the other.

Both of you should feel respected, valued, heard, and loved.

Work on being better

A critical reflection on the behaviors in a couple will lead the relationship on a path in which those things that generate discomfort can be seen and treated.

Consider your behaviors as an individual and think about your feelings and thoughts It will make you understand why you behave the way you do, and it can be the key to your personal growth, and with it, you will fuel your growth as a couple.

Resolve conflicts and live with differences.

Confidence, self-esteem and acceptance How does this favor our life as a couple?

As we mentioned before, we cannot have a healthy relationship if we do not have a healthy reaction with ourselves.

Confidence, self-esteem and acceptance first pass to us and from there it can reach the couple.

Our work of personal growth is important, it favors the ability to trust your partner and thus reduce jealousy to a minimum.

If we feel good about ourselves we can identify what is or is not acceptable in a relationship and cultivate it from the respect and acceptance of the other as an individual even if they do not agree.

Did you know about these red flags? Avoid them at all costs

  • Hitting or throwing objects during discussions

  • Invalidate your emotions

  • Humble you

  • Make you feel inferior

  • Insult you

  • Using a passive-aggressive tone to make you feel bad in arguments

  • Do not let you interact with family or friends

  • Monitor your activities and schedules

  • Check your personal gadgets like phone or computer

  • Be possessive of you

  • Pressure you to have sex

Keeping your relationship healthy is a constant job, it requires an investment of time and effort that will lead to a relationship in which you feel comfortable, loved and safe.