How many types of headaches are there and what are their treatments?

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Suffering from that condition is normal, however there are several types of headaches that you may not have known existed. In this space we will talk about some of them and their treatments.

There are many people who can suffer from intense and disabling headaches, that is why knowing the headache classes and their treatment is important.

How many types of headaches are there and what are their treatments?

In cases of headache the accurate diagnosis and certain habits and measures that the patient takes will help to control the episodes.

Types of headaches

Knowing when it is a headache or another is essential when suffering "severe headaches". Among its types we can find:


It is one of the types of headaches that produces the greatest number of disability in people. it has hereditary bases and occurs anywhere in the head. this pain may last for 3 days. That said, beats can be presented that increase with certain movements.

Other symptoms that can produce are nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and noise. The best treatment for this condition is keeping stress under control.

Its appearance is due to several factors such as stress, some foods, drugs, climatic changes and menstruation. if you get to suffer migraine you should rest in a dark and silent place.

Tension headache

It also bears the name of primary headache and presents with pains in the occipital region of the head, cervical region or forehead. In these cases the pain is moderate and there is no vomiting or nausea.

Although this type of headache is contrary to migraine, its appearance in much more frequent and can last 1 or 6 days. The most common causes for this headache are: excessive consumption of drugs without prescription, stress, caffeine abstinence or bruxism.

The best treatment is to consume ibuprofen, in many cases this medication reduces pain significantly.
How many types of headaches are there and what are their treatments?

Chronic Headache

In these cases the pain is widespread and constant, the excessive consumption of drugs without a prescription is the main reason for its appearance. This is much larger than the previous one, since it can be daily. On average it can happen 15 times a month.

For your treatment you should stop the excessive consumption of drugs without a prescription. At the same time start a treatment with antidepressants and muscle relaxants is essential.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache presents some symptoms similar to migraine, however we should not confuse it. In these cases there is an unbearable pain around the eye and on one side of the head.

At the same time the nose is covered and there is runny nose. The drooping of the eyelid and swelling around the eyes, together with pale or reddened skin are indicators of a cluster headache.

His appearance only lasts minutes, but with constant episodes throughout the day. It usually occurs at night at the same time and the outbreaks may last several weeks.

Carrying a special treatment to keep outbreaks under control is essential. Although you can also consume ibuprofen or paracetamol, in many cases these drugsthey help cope with cluster headache.

As we mentioned at the beginning, knowing how to recognize the types of headaches is important. Thanks to this you can administer the appropriate treatment, which should always be prescribed by the doctor.