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How to accelerate the healing of a wound?: The best tips for emergencies

Maria de Piña
5 min read
How to accelerate the healing of a wound?: The best tips for emergencies

In some cases, healing will be much slower due to some pathology, or the size and depth of the cut. But for the most common cases there are alternatives that we can apply to speed up the healing process a little.

What can I use if I want to heal a wound faster?

Not all organisms are the same, but if you do not have any pathology such as diabetes, these remedies will help you. In the same way you can consult with your personal doctor for greater security.


Honey is attributed multiple properties and among them is the ability to promote rapid healing. Thanks to its antibacterial components, it protects the skin from infections and helps reduce swelling.

It is placed directly on the wound and covered with a clean bandage. You have to be very careful to prevent insects from approaching. The most correct thing is to use a moderate amount and cover it firmly.

aloe vera

Not for nothing is it considered one of the most famous natural healing in the world. Aloe vera, as it is known, is especially recommended for burns, but it has a very good effect on any type of wound.

This plant is also considered analgesic and has a high level of collagen, which helps restore damaged tissue. It is simply applied to the injured area and its components work by accelerating the process.


Rosemary has much more than just a great smell, it also has the ability to act as a powerful anti- inflammatory. This is very beneficial if you want a wound to heal faster, it is also antibacterial.

A very practical way of using it is by applying its essential oil, pouring a little of it on a wound will be very beneficial for skin healing.


We all know about its powerful effect against nerves, but surprisingly it is also applicable for wounds. The chemical components that make it up favor the restoration of damaged skin and also act as a natural anti-allergy.

To use it you just have to prepare an infusion, let it rest until it is lukewarm, moisten a gauze and then rub the liquid on the wound, if you do it constantly in a few days you will see the results.


It is well known that it can be applied to deal with burns, but it is also useful with wounds. The onion is made up of different elements, including sulfur, which gives it healing properties and allows you to apply it without feeling irritation.

The onion is among the natural antibacterials, you can use it by applying it with a compress on the affected area without it being uncomfortable.


This is another of the famous components of the kitchen that, thanks to its compounds, enters this top of accelerators for healing. Garlic speeds up fibrinolysis in wounds, which greatly favors and protects from any type of contamination.

Its application is direct on the wound, but it must be removed after 15 or 20 minutes, since it causes irritation and its effect on the skin is not comfortable at all. Many do not like it because of its smell, but it is highly beneficial.

What delays wound healing?

scarring in diabetics

One of the main factors that influences is suffering from some pathology that affects us in terms of the healing process.

Diabetes is the best known, but vascular diseases , lack of collagen or blood pathologies also contribute to slowness.

When a body remains in the place of the wound, this also has an influence, objects, such as splinters, pieces of metal or glass, can be lodged without us noticing them. On the other hand, the consumption of some medications can also delay healing.

The care given to the wound is one of the main factors and not only in terms of cleanliness, but also in terms of mobility and rest. Many lessons take longer than expected due to too much movement in the affected area by those who have them.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that both the depth and width of the injury will greatly influence your recovery process. Superficial wounds usually heal quickly, even without care, but others require close attention.

The importance of speeding up healing

Mostly, to prevent the risk of infection, the longer a wound remains active, the greater the danger of infection. We live surrounded by all kinds of bacteria and microbes, and it is very easy to get infected if we have an open wound.

This should not only be ensured from the application of the products mentioned above, since the best way to speed up the process is to apply the basic rules for the care of any wound.

  • Daily cleaning: Daily hygiene is paramount, using water, soap and some antiseptic ensures a quick cure.

  • Protection: Changing gauzes daily and performing a correct tie protects you from external agents.

  • Rest: You should avoid movement as much as possible, only with adequate rest will your skin heal quickly.

Hardest to heal areas

Leaving aside the intensity of the injury, our body has certain areas where the healing process is later. Some of these areas are the following and it is convenient to know them in case you are injured in them.

  • Back.

  • Inner borders of extremities.

  • Feet.

  • Hands.

The less blood flow the area has, this will be much slower and the condition becomes more complicated if the patient is older.

In the event of any injury, try to attend to it responsibly, apply each previous advice with the supervision of your personal doctor and remember that the best source of speed is to carry out basic care to the letter.



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