How to fight respiratory diseases

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Diseases and conditions at the respiratory level they are present in daily life due to the climatic conditions that many are exposed to on a daily basis, especially in countries where the climate has constant variations, and when winter enters, a large number of epidemic diseases such as viruses begin to manifest themselves.

How to fight respiratory diseases – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Respiratory diseases: Prevention

Respiratory diseases have in common their condition to patients who suffer from it, but the most popular are colds or colds. the flu or colds are derived from viruses that are those that begin to bring with them the discomforts or symptoms.

In the presence of these viruses it is necessary to be careful because they trigger more serious affections that can compromise more patients who suffer them, this is the case of colds in children, who lack defenses and being present to a cold can trigger many sometimes in Laryngitis, pneumonia bronchitis, among others.

To prevent respiratory diseases it is important that you take these tips into account:

Healthy and Healthy Food: Especially in the case of children not only for this type of pathology but any other disease, it will always be necessary to maintain an adequate diet that provides the amount of nutrients necessary for the body to create defense mechanisms or antibodies.

Consume abundant liquids: drink plenty of water or liquid drinks that do not need a lot of sugar.

Sleep properly: Maintaining eight minimum hours of sleep in adults and children is very comfortable

Vaccination: important to strengthen the defense mechanism.

Keep stress levels under control

Consumption of vitamins A and C, among other foods that contain it, such as; Carrots, citrus fruits, pumpkin, lemon, among others strengthen the immune system for its high level of vitamin C.

Consume echinacea which is a medicinal plant

How to fight respiratory diseases – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Ways to prevent respiratory diseases

If it is not already infected, it can be prevented by moving away from people who are already presenting the infection.

Another way to prevent it is with personal care and hygiene, especially washing hands constantly.

Encourage schools that dictate talks of conscience and education to make parents aware of the responsibility of not sending their infants, to the school or place of daily care if they see that they are presenting some indicative of some discomfort

If you have already contracted a respiratory illness or flu, you should take the minimum precautions to avoid infecting others, such as using your own glass, blowing your nose on a clean cloth of your own, cover the mouth area if you have a cough, avoid saying hello to other people, do not sneeze it prevents the secretion from reaching other people around.

And all you already know and consider useful to prevent infecting others.

Do not forget that when someone gets sick, the improvement can also come from help, collaboration and family support, always integration will be important to achieve amazing improvements in a certain disease and this type of discomfort is not the exception.

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