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Is it worth attending online psychological therapy?

Grecia De Flores
4 min read
Is it worth attending online psychological therapy? – Wellness and Health
Online psychological therapy

In recent times, the scope and uses of online resources in everyday life have been enhanced. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the media have had to adapt to remote communication and psychology has not been left behind.

A new therapy format has been established that makes use of online resources and allows users the same effectiveness in the experience but with some changes.

Online psychological therapy is here to stay, so it is interesting to learn more about how this resource works.

Is it worth attending online psychological therapy? – Wellness and Health
Online psychological therapy

What is psychological therapy?

Psychological therapy is the name given to the moment or set of meetings that a mental health professional makes with anyone who requests their services.

As we already know, psychological therapy is not only for those people who suffer from a mental health problem, but it effectively takes care of them.

In these meetings, the patient together with his therapist will develop an action plan to address the reason for the consultation that led him to request care.

Among the most recurrent reasons are anxiety, depression, sleep problems, changes in behavior and feelings of distress.

The professional in psychology will help you explore the origin of the discomfort and will help you to use your own resources to resolve it.

In therapy, we can know and understand more about ourselves and our actions, it supposes an accompaniment in the step and resolution of our conflicts.

What is the difference between face-to-face and online therapy?

The distinction between online psychological therapy and traditional therapy is precisely the use of online resources that makes the former. That is, the quality and capacity of attention is not diminished, on the contrary, it expands within everyone's reach without having to move.

Some of the relevant changes that give advantages to online psychological therapy are:

1. It adjusts to your times

Since it is not necessary to physically move, it is practical when introducing therapy sessions into our agenda, we can also agree on the time that is most convenient and comfortable for us.

2. Helps decrease resistance

On many occasions, people are ashamed to go to therapeutic clinics, in this modality that impediment is not present, since it provides anonymity and may even help you solve precisely this resistance to therapy.

3. It's within reach no matter the distance

It expands the possibility of choosing the health professionals that make us feel the most comfortable regardless of the physical distance they are.

4. It occurs in a place that is familiar to us

We can choose the place that is most comfortable for us for the session, this makes us feel more comfortable and strengthens communication.

We do not have to move and this reduces the anxiety that new environments can cause.

5. Improves treatment follow-up

Even in the case of traveling, we can follow up on our therapy, since we only need access to the web.

6. It is cheaper

The costs of renting space and administrative personnel are reduced, so this modality is more available to people who have less budget.

7. It is accessible to people with motor difficulties

Since it is not necessary to transfer to any environment other than home in order to receive care.

8. Make use of digital tools

There are applications that help us monitor and share our progress with health professionals, and by making use of these we can enhance the scope of the benefits that online psychological therapy presents us.

Is it worth attending online psychological therapy? – Wellness and Health

When should I attend?

As we mentioned before, it is not necessary to have a mental disorder to go and take advantage of psychological treatment, anyone who wishes to start therapy is free to do so and will benefit from its effects.

However, if in your daily life you notice that you are overwhelmed by emotions or thoughts that you perceive as negative and make it difficult for you to carry out your daily activities, it is recommended that you seek psychological assistance.

If you are going through an important grief or some other situation that prevents you from developing regularly in your contexts, psychological help is for you.

It is possible to get help, do not shut up your emotions or thoughts, online psychological therapy is an excellent option.