Mental health in pandemic times

Maria Fernanda
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In the last two years with the extension of the Covid-19, a recognition of mental health has emerged. In fact, before the pandemic this topic wasn't spread as it should be.

However, after the repercussion of the COVID-19 it is necessary to speak of the mental health in times of pandemic.

Mental health in pandemic times – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

What is mental health?

First, according to the World Health Organization, it defines health as a Full physical, mental and social well-being. In this sense, mental health has always been necessary to catalog an individual as healthy.

However, the term is a bit deeper, since it consists of how people can face the psychological and social challenges that live day after day.

For this reason, the pandemic has impaired negatively on an important part of the world's population because people do not know how to deal with the social changes and prevention measures.

Mental health in pandemic times – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Angustia and fear

In addition to this, mental health is not only related to the presence or absence of mind disorders. Additionally, a person is mentally healthy because she maintains a healthy relationship with herself and with the surrounding people.

Likewise, it is changing as you live experiences or because it is affected by multiple biographical, environmental and cultural elements. This is how the pandemia has developed adaptive behaviors.

In this same line, some of these changes have been positive, but others have distorted as, for example, Family detachment by uncontrollable fear to contract the disease.

How to have good mental health?

Experts affirm that the family is a fundamental pillar to feel safeguarded during the pandemic, especially because they find important emotional support.

Every time you contact your beloved beings you can drain all your emotions, since you feel the affinity to express your mental problems.

Another way that you can have good emotional health is that encouraging positive thoughts. A busy mind can not have room for sad thoughts.

A great advice is to meditate before sleeping, a good way is to thank for the day, for your family that is still with you. Remember that the small actions added throughout the day is what makes a true difference between productive days and those who do not.

Of course, just as you are taking care of your respiratory system, too, apply it in your emotions. Identify what makes you feel bad and resound it immediately.

PAHO position against the pandemic by Covid-19

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Under the pandemic, it has suggested recommendations for keep your mental health in prefect.

In parallel, they have designed a pyramid of attention according to the situation with the pandemic, since thousands of people may need medical care.

From this it is clear, that the Pyramid of Attention is made up of professionals distributed in each link. In this way, the levels of attention are.

· Psychosocial aspects related to basic and safety services.

· Strengthening of community support mechanisms of family members.

· Focused support mechanisms (from person to person) not specialized.

· Specialized services.

Each level has as a mission to give timely response, according to the problems presented. At the same time, what you want is to decrease the impact of the pandemic in the in our emotions.

How to recognize when mental health is affected?

With the world panorama it is very easy for people to develop feelings of anguish, depression, fear, uncertainty for the future, among others.

Then, you need to apply a series of Tips for life daily with the goal that you can enjoy an optimal mental well-being.

Nobody better than you can recognize when you are adopting attitudes and thoughts away from normal, but if you do not realize, there are always people around you who observe you and perceive your changes.

Mental health in pandemic times – Wellness and Health – WebMediums
Social distancing

The most advisable to this situation is that you can recognize that you need help, otherwise, you will not be able to accept the changes you should make to restore your mental and emotional health.

Now, the signs that can alert you that you are not marching for the right direction are the following.

· Ask for help! When you feel down or depressed, the best thing you can do is communicate with family or close friends and tell what happens to you.

· Don't hide yourself behind social networks. On digital platforms you can find information that'll make your situation worse than it already is.

· If you have any religious belief you can go with that authority to dialogue what you are living.

· If you already have contact with a specialist in the area as a psychiatrist, agenda an appointment as soon as possible.

Also, you can investigate organizations that are close to your home with which you can communicate at times of emergency. Apart, these organizations usually perform telephone support.

3 Tips to keep having a full and happy life

It is time you know some tips so that you can face your mental problems during the Covid-19.

You are not alone in this battle!

even if you don't believe or feel it, you are not the only one who is dealing with this situation, as the pandemic progresses, there are more cases reported and from anonymity that have affectation of your feelings.

The Terror of contracting the virus, the danger that runs the family or even economic instability are some of the situations that cause an imbalance in individuals.

Remember that the faster I identify what happens to you, with more prompt you can solve it. In addition, while your emotions are not healthy, you can not have a good performance at home and at work.

Perform activities

Activities maintain the mind busy, in that way you can avoid negative thoughts and feelings. Even is you don't leave home, you can make thousands of recreational activities such as, for example, watching a movie, dance, play with your children, read books that interest you, perform video calls, among others.

Likewise, you can resume activities that may not be able to do before the pandemic. Anyway, you can find support in your family group as in technology, so you have distractions during the day.

New friendships

Social networks are not just to find information about the Covid-19, too, you can use it in your favor. A good idea is that you believe new alliances or strengthen the ones you already have.

On the other hand, look for New Remote Work Opportunities, a new work environment, so it may be digital you can help improve your mental and emotional status.