Orange Lola a family business

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Naranjas Lola is a family business of Cullera Spain, they are dedicated to the sale of oranges at home over the internet, these are oranges are very desirable, because they are traditionally grown.

Orange Lola a family business – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The oranges lola are completely natural fruits that are grown in a friendly way with the environment, and thanks to this they are fruits of excellent quality for their final consumer.

For this company it is of the utmost importance. Therefore, in this way, it is guaranteed that the consumer has the ecological and good quality fruits.

Not only oranges are offered to bring to the table of families, but also orange navelins, late orange cards, blood oranges and tangerines, lemons, grapefruit.

who are they lola oranges?

Orange Lola a family business – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The history of these oranges Lola starts in a family of Curella in a town that is located 40 kilometers from Valencia in 1998, when Federico Aparici and his wife, Dolores Colomar; She is the one who gives the name to the company of Orange Lola.

They decided to form the company to see that it would be more complex to market their oranges through intermediaries and not very low or little generators of profits.

That's why they decided to launch an innovative business with the help of their children Federico and Juan, offering online the much-loved Lola oranges.

When launched, the company reached the customers who were most interested in the consumption of these fruits so promising in quality. And I have obtained advertising for their clients. The motto of the company is "From the tree to your table in 24 hours. & Quot;

The company of Naranjas has not selected the best oranges or the best trees for its best customers, their growers collect the same oranges for everyone, because all their fruits are excellent.

From the king, to the best restaurants in Spain and the community in general consumption of these famous oranges. All because they are 100% organic, because they are cultivated without chemical treatments for their coloration, maturation or conservation.

What does the company Naranja Lola do?

The company Naranjas Lola is not only dedicated to the cultivation of oranges, but also offers a variety of products such as blood oranges, tangerines, lemons and grapefruit and summer products such as raf tomatoes and Valencian tomatoes, melons, watermelons and peppers.

All these fruits are cultivated in an ecological way, that is, that their cultivation and development processes are friendly to the environment. For these chemicals are not applied to the development of their fruits or to prolong their conservation.

For the stage of harvesting the tree to the table, this is done with the greatest possible care so that the oranges arrive at a place of purchase in the same state in which they were harvested from the tree.

It is a process that is carried out from the production process until the time of doing.

Where to buy lola oranges?

Orange Lola a family business – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Naranjas Lola is an agricultural business that totally changes the facet of the sale of its fruits, commercializing them online.

This innovative company offers its products over the Internet and commits to deliver within 24 hours, that is, it is collected directly from the tree and brought to your table in the shortest possible time.

The process of selecting the best oranges is done once you have to order the best oranges and sending them have been compiled in as easy a place as possible.