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Motion sickness also called "movement sickness" it is a disorder associated with dizziness, and that refers to dizziness that is caused by travel in any means of transport, whether it is a car, motorcycle, plane, boat, etc.

In other words, motion sickness is about the clinical definition for a series of symptoms in which nausea prevails which are presented because of the abnormal movement suffered by the body for reasons of prolonged travel.

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You can also associate motion sickness to people who are in complete rest and have sudden movements as in simulators, 3d rooms, mechanical attractions, among others.

The main cause of motion sickness it is the stimulation that is done with the abnormal movement of the vesicular apparatus, that is not the daily movement to which he is accustomed.

Another of the most common symptoms of motion sickness it is the sensibility to the movement, although this symptom in specific is a perception of individual form since each person has a tolerance to the different movement.

Another form of cause of motion sickness is the way in which landscapes can affect visual stimuli to cause dizziness and nausea in the brain.

The best treatment for motion sickness is to avoid as far as possible those sudden movements that are causing this disorder, this can be done by placing in the middle of the transport where the movement feels less, where the visualization of the landscape is less, take a reclined resting position to relax the body, among other methods.

In case they are unavoidable as in a trip then it is resorted to the medication either natural or through drugs that diminish the effects of the disorder and can even eradicate nausea.

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