How vertigo is cured

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How is vertigo cured? the vertigo is that sensation of dizziness that causes an imbalance that for us is unusual, it can be accompanied by nausea and it is inevitable for us to control this sensation as if we were about to fall down without our willingly wanting.

The perception of this can be deduced as if our environment were "Vibrating", "bowing" or "dizzy" so it makes the individual who suffers generate a general malaise.

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In itself the most common cause of vertigo is due to faults, both slight and severe, in the organ of the middle ear who is responsible for controlling the balance of our body in general terms.

Therefore, if an event occurs that may be negative for the health of our hearing this will directly affect our balance so that it will cause multiple problems in our daily life.

Causes of vertigo

There are at least two ways in which vertigo can occur. One of the most common reasons is due to some fault that is directly related to the ear, either by otitis or by the known Meniere's disease or labyrinthitis.

Any of these two causes are the results of an infection that can be cured without any problem with the treatment indicated by a specialist.

However, there is another way in which vertigo can occur and in this case it is due to poor positioning of the cervical vertebrae, so once a bad blood supply has occurred it will affect the middle ear causing this vertigo.

The most concurrent is that vertigo manifests itself in these two forms, so if a specific cause is not found, the case should be studied thoroughly until the problem is found.

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Home solutions for vertigo

Now, all at some point in our lives we can experience this feeling for many reasons, so if vertigo is something sporadic and not recurrent in our lives we can implement homemade solutions to eliminate dizziness.

Only you have to remember if the annoyance still persists, the ideal is to immediately consult a doctor who can give us the necessary diagnosis to solve it.

When you have an episode of vertigo is as simple as putting a cloth moistened with alcohol to clear this discomfort.

You just have to let it act for a few minutes because what will stabilize us is to smell the alcohol near us. Once we feel better, we can continue with our normal routine.

Vinegar for vertigo

Vinegar is also a great ally in our kitchen as well as to stabilize us at the desired time. If we feel some perception of dizziness, the ideal is to smell a bit of vinegar directly to restore ourselves or place it on a cloth near our forehead.

Any way we use it will help us put our eyes in order.

Any home or alternative remedy that we use to recover our balance in case of suffering from vertigo is totally valid. It is worth remembering the things that should not be done at the time you have a dizziness.

It is not advisable at all to move our head a lot since it will aggravate the problem. You should also avoid moving quickly and use bad body postures.

The consumption of coffee, alcohol or tobacco must be denied at the time of presenting vertigo.

In an episode of dizziness it is best to relax as much as possible because stress or stay anxious will only increase the problem. If you are in a dark place it is best to leave there or find a place with lots of light and air, this will make you regain your sense.

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Cómo se cura el vértigo
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