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Practical advice to take care of the health of your kidneys

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Practical advice to take care of the health of your kidneys – Wellness and Health
Practical advice to take care of the health of your kidneys.

In our body, good kidney function is a priority, and since it is common for you to neglect its care, before it's too late, you need to apply these good tips to protect the health of your kidneys.

Many of the causes of kidney failure are linked to other conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or old age. But there is some care that we can apply preventively to help maintain and improve its proper functioning.

So, if you want to take better care of your kidneys, start by applying what I will teach you.

Healthy tips for kidney care

You don't have to wait for any symptoms of kidney failure to appear to start taking care of yourself. Prevention is the key for everyone who loves their body and their health, and the best way to do it is with the following.

Practical advice to take care of the health of your kidneys – Wellness and Health
Water consumption for kidney care.

Regulate your salt intake

For many this is not a problem, but for others it is quite a challenge.

Precisely, at the time of preparing the food, a prudent standard should be used when applying salt, since this condiment is one of the ones that most affects the kidneys.

Excess salt causes an increase in sodium in the blood, which will make it much more difficult for the kidneys to eliminate the liquid.

Keep in mind that foods that are already processed are the most harmful due to their high percentage of salt and concentrated sodium.

Try to control your weight

The greater the body mass, the kidneys will have to work much harder to be able to eliminate all the waste from it. And if we add to this metabolic disorders such as oxidation and inflammation, it ends up causing serious long-term damage.

In addition, being overweight is directly linked to diabetes and hypertension, which influence the wear and tear on the kidneys, and can even lead to chronic kidney disease.

Seeking a healthy volume of weight is not an aesthetic issue, the more the extra weight, the more organs will be forced to function. 

Take care of drugs

There are medications that we consume regularly for different functions, but it is always good to check their components. In this, analyze with our doctor, alternatives if we see that these may be causing deterioration to the renal system.

Anti- inflammatories, like analgesics, are some of the ones that most harm the health of the kidneys due to their components.

No type of medication should ever be abused, and in the case of those who require them for chronic pain, they should find a way to counteract their effects.

Hydrate to the maximum

One of the main causes of pain and kidney problems is the lack of regular fluid intake.

Drinking water is not only a necessity, it is the most essential and natural treatment that your body needs to optimize many functions.

It is not necessary or healthy for you to drink a lot of liquid all at once. The most advisable thing is that you adapt a routine where you consume liquid throughout the day, in prudent amounts.

Apart from water you can also add healthy natural juices, this in turn will nourish you. However, do not substitute water for other drinks, just integrate them.

avoid smoking

Basically, every organ in your body is crying out for you to avoid smoking, and in the case of your kidneys you should avoid it as it slows blood flow. This prevents the kidneys from receiving the proper amount of blood and makes them work harder.

On the other hand, kidney cancer is closely associated with being produced by the harmful effects of smoking, so it is advisable to stay away from cigarettes at all costs.

Stay away from sodas

There is a component called phosphoric acid, which is present in soft drinks, this being very harmful to the kidney system.

Keep in mind that regular consumption of soft drinks is one of the main causes of the appearance of kidney stones, and its high sugar content also harms it.

exercise regularly

Practical advice to take care of the health of your kidneys – Wellness and Health
Exercise regularly to take care of your kidneys.

We could make a long list of reasons why we should exercise, but for kidney benefit, physical exercise helps lower blood pressure. This is a very positive factor for the fluidity of the blood and the functioning of the kidneys.

Also as an extra point, it helps us burn calories, control and maintain our weight, which is another factor that we must take into account if we want to be healthy.

Investigate family pathologies

If you are concerned about knowing how great the risk is that you will suffer from kidney failure, you should consult family pathologies, since many of the problems that affect the kidneys are accompanied by some genetic inheritance.

If there are signs that there are several cases of kidney problems in your family, this may be an alarm signal for you to be warned. Check yourself periodically, and also apply the previous corrections.

Check yourself regularly and be aware of natural alarms

You should not wait for pain or any other symptom to manifest to perform a medical check-up. Verifying how your kidneys are working is done through very simple evaluations with a blood or urine test.

One of the natural alarms that helps you identify a kidney problem is your urination routine.

If you see a change in fluidity, color, or if there is the appearance of blood or pain when urinating, then this is an indication that not everything is working properly.

Do not self-medicate, or resort to natural medicine before carrying out a previous check-up, to determine the problem. Kidney failure can be due to different factors and instead of helping, you can worsen the situation by not addressing it correctly.

Taking care of yourself is taking care of those you love, be attentive to all areas of your body and do not forget that leading a healthy life is simpler and cheaper than it seems. Apply each of these tips to the maximum and you will have much better health, regardless of the passing of the years.