The best juice oranges

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There are different varieties of juice oranges, such as "Whites". And also those of the group "Blood".

Unlike table oranges, juice oranges are slightly smaller and thinner in skin; that is why they have to be harder when peeling them.

These oranges are possessed of seeds inside them, unlike those of table that do not have them; its color is yellow and belong to the variety of white oranges mentioned above or Salustianas, in both varieties are usually sweet and very delicate.

How to choose oranges for juice?

To be able to select juice oranges you must know what are the differences between a table orange and an orange juice.

The best juice oranges – Wellness and Health – WebMediums


Table oranges:

- Fruits of big size.

- Thick skin and therefore easier to peel.

- They do not have seeds.

- Protrusion in the shape of a navel at one end.

- Orange color.

- Color and uniform skin.

Juice oranges:

- Fruits of small size.

- Skin finer, it is more complex to peel it.

- They have presence of seeds.

- Its color is yellow.

- Color and skin with imperfections (slightly uniform).

By letting you know these differences, we assure you that you will not be confused when it comes to buying them, whether you want to take a table to enjoy them as desserts or juice to enjoy the properties of their juice.

Orange Juice and its properties

There are several varieties of juice oranges, therefore you have the possibility to choose the one of your preference; Here are some of the types of orange juice that exist:

The best juice oranges – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Salustiana: they are fruits are of rough bark, their size goes from medium to small, the sumo of this variety is particularly sweet and of high quality, they do not have almost seeds. Collection of (January - April)

Valencia Late: this variety of orange for juice is the most cultivated in the world, its size ranges from medium to small, the juice of this orange is usually a little acidic, its color is pale orange, it has thin skin and contains seeds but in a small amount. Harvest (April and June).

Sanguinelli: this variety of orange is very similar to the Valencia Late, nevertheless, it is possessing anthocyanins; These are red pigments that are formed by changes in temperature between day and night.

They are small fruits, of bittersweet flavor, with high content of juice, more hard than the common orange peel.

Some of its juice orange properties are:

- are rich in Vitamin C.

- Its nutritional value is very desirable to contain folic acid, minerals and trace elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium), carotenoids and antioxidants.

- They have flavonoids with high antioxidant power.

Benefits for the health of the Oranges

Oranges, being fruits with a great variety of properties, are perfect to treat and fight health problems of different types, some of these benefits are:

- Reduces the risk of suffering heart attacks.

- Controls blood pressure.

- Decreases the formation of kidney stones.

- Low cholesterol levels & quot; bad & quot; (LDL).

- Relieves excess gastric acidity.

- Prevents liver problems.

- Prevents biliary insufficiency.

- Combat constipation.

- Treat the flu

- It has perfect antioxidant power to take care of the skin.

- It reduces the risk of suffering from some types of cancer.

- Improves blood circulation,

- Reduces the risk of thrombosis and arteriosclerosis

- Help reduce hearing loss.

- Prevents different vision problems.

- Provides energy to the body during the day.

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