Red Fruit Recipes + Benefits SECRETS

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The red fruits are known for their antioxidant properties and their name refers to the red color of these fruits.

These fruits are usually known individually, but at a general level these red fruits have great health benefits due to the high content of nutritional properties they possess; The more color they have, the more nutritional values ​​they have.

What are red fruits?

The red fruits are all those fruits that have strong colors both inside and outside, these fruits are also known as berries.

They are excellent for cardiovascular prevention, cholesterol reduction, they are perfect to prevent aging due to their content of flavonoids, anthocyanins and antioxidants that protect us from free radicals.

Frozen red fruits

If you want to decorate your dishes or desserts with fresh fruits, these are perfect, but if you want to keep your red fruits fresh, even if it has already been several days, you should stay to read this article.

For the Christmas season, red fruits are very used for their striking color to decorate all your desserts and food dishes.

It is good to know that red fruits are the fruit that best adapts to freezing. It does not need to be scalded or cooked before freezing it.

The only thing we must do to freeze it is to wash and clean the fruit well and once you have done this, dry them and take them to a tray, try not to be left on top of each other so as not to spoil them.

Take them to the freezer and once they are frozen pass them to a bag preferably with a hermetic seal. If you do not have these in your house, do not worry, use the one you have on hand and store them again in the freezer. You can have them there as long as you want and dispose of them when you need them without losing their properties.

This more than a kitchen trick is a tip so you can keep your food, in this case red fruits so you have almost fresh fruits at your disposal or because not to save your pocket because for seasons these fruits have to go up Price.

Red fruits properties + Benefits

- Strawberries: rich in vitamins E, B, C and K, beta-carotenes, folates, potassium and fiber. It is excellent to fight infections, attacks free radicals, fight high blood pressure, uric acid, in addition to having the antioxidant content higher than any other fruit.

- Black currants: have more vitamin C content than oranges, is excellent for improving functionality of blood vessels and the vascular system. Normally this fruit is not found throughout the year so it is certainly more expensive.

- Raspberries: rich in vitamin B and C, folates, fiber and flavonoids, they have a great supply of excellent fiber for digestion, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and helps to prevent and reduce menstrual cramps.

- Cherries: they reduce uric acid, pain in the joints, it has great contribution of beta-carotenes, vitamin C, potassium and are diuretic.

- Red plum: dry are perfect to combat constipation, has vitamin C and E content in addition to antioxidants.

- Blackberries: reduce bad cholesterol, take care of teeth and gums, rich in vitamins C and E.

- Red cranberries: rich in antioxidants, prevent cardiovascular diseases, treat and prevent different types of cancer, help reduce cholesterol and improve blood circulation.

- Red currants: high vitamin C content, rich in vitamin A in the form of carotenes.

Study about raspberries, before learning to prepare them.

The best desserts of red fruits

Then we will leave you some recipes of red fruits perfect to prepare at home and enjoy the benefits of these fruits.

Frozen yogurt and red fruits (6 people)

The ingredients to use are:

- ½ Kg Frozen red fruits

- ½ l of plain yogurt without sugar

- 4 cs of honey

- 4-5 fresh mint leaves

- ½ tz strawberries

- blueberries or fresh berries (optional)


1- take all the ingredients to a blender / blender (the red fruits have to be frozen) and crush 30 seconds until well blended.

2 - Pass the mixture to a refractory and leave it for about 2 hours in the freezer tightly covered.

3- Serve and decorate with fresh mint leaves and the red fruit of your preference red fruit.

Red fruit smoothie

The ingredients to use are:

- ½ cup (120 ml) of water

- 1 vanilla yogurt

- ½ cup (75 g) of frozen strawberries

- ½ cup (75 g) of frozen blueberries

- ½ cup (60 g) of frozen raspberries

- A handful of fresh red fruits to decorate

- A mint leaf to decorate


1- take all the ingredients to the blender or processor, in the order indicated above, cover and proceed to liquefy for a minute until you get the desired consistency.

2- Then pour the mixture into a glass and decorate it with the fresh red fruits and mint leaf and ready enjoy this delicious drink.

If you want to learn to remove belly fat, this is an excellent method to learn it:

Chia pudding and red berries

The ingredients to use are:

- 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds

- 12.5 cl of soy milk

- ½ tablespoon of cocoa without added sugars

- 2 teaspoons of agave syrup (coffee spoon)

- 100 gr of fresh or frozen red fruits

- ½ teaspoon of Cornstarch (coffee spoon)

- 3 tablespoons of water

- 125 gr of natural soy yogurt


1- Mix the chia seeds with soy milk, cocoa powder and agave syrup.

2- We booked for 1 hour in the fridge.

3- If the red fruits are frozen, we will heat them in a small saucepan, and if they are fresh, it will be enough to wash them and dry them well.

4- In a bowl, mix the cornstarch with 3 tablespoons of water.

5- We add the mixture to the pan of the red fruits and let it boil a few minutes.

6- After we remove the fire and reserve a while.

7 - We put the mixture in the container in which we are going to serve, and we alternate a layer of chia, another yogurt, another red fruit.

8- decorate the top with a few red berries minced.


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