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Consuming kefir water is a great help to protect the body in several ways. In addition, it is a great probiotic perfect for pregnancy.

Every day more people are interested in taking care of their health, so they look for new and better methods to do it like the one we will show you in this article.

In this case we have the water kefir, a drink with great properties. Below is a list of benefits of drinking kefir water.

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What is water kefir?

The water of kefir or water kefir it is a fermented drink, by means of the microbial culture with the name SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast). Basically lactic and acetic bacteria, yeasts and microorganisms work together to form a fermented beverage. This can be done in water or milk.

In the case of water, nutrients must be dissolved in order to convert the environment into a comfortable environment for bacterial development.

What are the benefits of kefir water?

We already know what kefir water is, so now we must know what its benefits are. Among which stands out being an excellent probiotic. The uses and benefits of water kefir are;

Probiotic and antibacterial

As mentioned before this product has probiotic properties. Whether kefir water, kefir milk or yogurt, this product has living microorganisms that help improve metabolic functions.

In the same way that it has a composition with several microorganisms, it is of great help to keep the microbial in good condition.

On the other hand some studies suggest that kefir probiotics such as Lactobacillus Kefiri help to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body. Among them we can name the Salmonella, E. coli or Helicobacter pylori.

Finally, it is also believed that the carbohydrate "Kefiran" has antibacterial properties.

Intestinal flora

When we increase the number of lactic bacteria within our intestine, we obtain beneficial results in the intestinal flora. At the same time it helps eliminate pathogens. Thanks to these two characteristics, intestinal health benefits.

Cholesterol and rehydration

There are not many studies on the effect of water kefir on bad cholesterol levels. However, the data that is available indicate that it can serve as a great ally for people with high levels of bad cholesterol.

It is ideal for Rehydration. this is because it is an isotonic drink. It basically helps rehydrate. At the same time kefir water can be incorporated into the diet to lose weight, since it is low in calories.

Kefir water in pregnancy

In pregnancy an important part is the microbiota, since this influences the health of the mother and the baby. According to several studies, the consumption of probiotics during pregnancy it is of great help in the health of both.

As we already know, water kefir has a good amount of probiotics. In this sense, among the benefits of consuming kefir water we have;

· Infections vaginal: If we keep our microbiome in perfect condition we will be reducing the risk of infections during pregnancy.

· Gestational diabetes and preeclampsia: The consumption of probiotics such as water kefir is an excellent option to reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes.

At the same time it helps to avoid preeclampsia (increase in blood pressure, hypertension and proteinuria)

· Weight maternal e childish: The intestinal microbiota influences body weight, weight gain and metabolic biomarkers. This can have a great impact on the health management of women and infants.

Kefir water recipe

First of all we must know the difference between the water kefir granules and those of kefir milk. In both we can expect a soft and gelatinous texture, but in the first case its color is transparent. While in the second its color is white.

Water kefir – Wellness and Health – WebMediums


· ½ lemon (optional).

· 1 liter of mineral water.

· 3 tablespoons of water kefir.

· 3 tablespoons of whole cane sugar.

Preparation of water Kefir

· Place the water in a jar, next to granules, sugar and lemon juice. The latter is optional, in case you want to spice up the drink.

· Stir well so that everything is integrated, close the bottle, shake it and leave it to rest for 2 or 3 days at room temperature.

Finally, I advise you that when you finish taking the drink you should keep it in the fridge. In addition, being free of dairy can be consumed by people with intolerance.

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