What is Behcet's disease?

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The behcet's disease, is a disorder that occurs infrequently causes inflammation of the blood vessels in the body. This disorder can cause a lot of symptoms that, at first, do not appear.

These may include the birth of sores in the mouth, rashes, skin lesions, sores on the genitals and inflammation of the eyes.

The effects may vary depending on the person's system, and sometimes they usually heal themselves.

Among the most serious effects that this disease can cause highlights possible blindness to the patient, these cases occur mostly when the required treatments are not met.

Causes of Behcet's disease

The exact cause of Behcet's disease is still unknown. But it can be caused by an autoimmune disorder, which means that the body's immune system mistakenly attacks some healthy cells of the same organism.

Other aspects that can influence the generation of the disease is genetics and environmental factors.

They have also found some genes associated with the disease, on the other hand some experts believe that a bacterium or virus are the main cause of this disease, mainly in people who have certain genes that make them susceptible.

Symptoms of Behcet disease

The symptoms of Behcet's disease can appear and disappear on their own, and they vary depending on the person. The signs may be losing strength over time, the parts that are commonly affected are:

  • The skin: the patient can present a type of acne throughout the body, in addition to painful and reddened nodules.

  • Mouththe most common symptom of this disease are painful sores that occur in the mouth. The sores usually recover in a period no longer than 3 weeks, although they usually appear with occurrence.

  • The eyes: one of the areas of the body most affected by this disease are the eyes, the symptoms that stand out are eye inflammation, pain in the eyes, blurred vision.

  • Joints: inflammation and joint pain are symptoms that occur regularly to people suffering from Behcet's disease. The ankles, wrists and elbows are also affected.

  • Genitals: patients who suffer from this disease, tend to have sores in the genital areas.

  • Digestive system: abdominal pain, bleeding and diarrhea are symptoms that occur in the digestive system.

  • Brain: behcet's disease can cause inflammation in the nervous system and the brain, these manifest themselves in migraine, balance problems, strokes and fever.

Treatment for Behcet's disease

For the treatment of Behcet's disease, different medications are applied, these will vary depending on how advanced the disease is.

The main treatment consists of medicines that suppress inflammations and immune functions, the drugs to be used are corticosteroids and prednisone.

To deal with sores in the mouth and genital area, medications such as colchicine are recommended to the patient. When the disease reaches much more severe phases, the following medications are recommended: infliximab and etanercept. Read a summary of this note here: