What is Paget's disease?

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What is Paget's disease? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Paget's disease is an inflammation that originates in the bone that causes it to deform. It is considered as the second strongest bone disorder that occurs more frequently, only overcome by osteoporosis. It is also called as osteitis.

In most cases, the disease occurs over the years, mainly in the mid-40s. However, there are cases where the disease occurs at a premature age.

This disease causes the bones to grow too large and weakens them. They can also fracture very easily. the disease can lead the patient to suffer other types of health problems, such as hearing loss and arthritis. This disease can be seen in any bone of the body, but mainly occurs in the spine, legs, skull and pelvis.

In addition, it can affect different bones of the body at the same time, but not in the whole body. It usually occurs mostly in men than in women.

Causes of Paget's disease

Currently experts have not yet been able to find the cause of Paget's disease. Experts think it is the result of the combination of genetic and environmental factors that help to cause this disease. There are a variety of genes that are directly related to the disease.

On the other hand, some scientists believe that the disease that affects the bones it may be related to a viral infection in bone cells, although this hypothesis has not yet been confirmed.

Symptoms of Paget's disease

The majority of patients with this disease have no signs. when the symptoms come to light, what is usually present in the patient are the continuous pain in the bones.

Since this disease causes the body to create new bones faster than normal, rapid modification results in weaker and softer bones than normal, which causes severe bone pain, bills and deformities.

The disease can affect one or several parts of the body, when the symptoms are present, it depends a lot on the location.

  • Spine: when this disease attacks the spine, it affects the nerve roots to such an extent that it can compress them. This causes tingling, pain and numbness in one leg or arm.

  • Skull: the loss of hearing and headaches are one of the symptoms that occurs, since there is an excessive growth of the bones of the skull.

  • Leg: the bones of the legs tend to deform and lengthen, which causes additional pressure on nearby joints, which could lead to osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. In addition, the bones of the legs begin to lose strength which creates a stance posture.

  • Pelvis: Paget's disease causes pain in the hip.

What is Paget's disease? – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Treatment of Paget's disease

Not all people suffering from this disease require treatment. Patients who have mild abnormalities or do not have severe symptoms do not require to be treated.

The disease is usually treated when the following symptoms occur:

  • Bone deterioration

  • Severe bone deformations

  • Severe bone pain

The most common treatments are drugs, the most common ones that occur in these cases are the analgesics and Antiresorptives.

The treatment aims to eliminate short-term pain, and not allow the disease to continue to develop, to avoid future problems.