Gastric cancer

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This type of cancer is also called stomach cancer, and it originates mainly in the stomach area and from there it spreads to the nearest healthy organs and tissues. Due to the proximity of the grains, it is often confused with cancer of the colon or pancreas.

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But, they do not have any kind of relationship with each other; since its symptoms treatment are totally different. Stomach cancer is very difficult to detect, it is usually a very slow process that takes years to develop.

The reason is that it is completely asymptomatic while the cancer membrane is forming around the stomach, it can only be detected at this stage through specialized studies.

Once cancerous tumors are formed inside the stomach, it is when the symptoms begin to appear and each one causes a different consequence in the human body. Many times depending on where the tumors are developed, they can cause cancer in another area, such as esophageal cancer.

Types of stomach cancer

• Adenocarcinoma: it is called this way to the majority of the stomach cancer, usually they are more than 90% of the cases. And they are characterized by tumors forming in the innermost layer of the stomach, which is called mucosa.

• Lymphoma: they are those cancerous tumors that are formed in the cells of the immune system, often they lodge in the walls of the stomach.

• GIST: it is called gastrointestinal stromal tumors, they are very rare and these develop in the membranes of the stomach wall; they are also called Cajal interstitial cells. Many of them are of benign origin.

• Carcinoid tumors: they are those that produce cancer cells that destroy the hormone-producing cells in the stomach. This type has the advantage of not spreading to other organs.

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