Lung cancer

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Lung cancer – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

It is the cause of deaths worldwide, this type of cancer has no preferences, it gives men as well as women regardless of their age. Many times the cause of this type of cancer is tobacco, smoking while more smoke is prone to develop this terrible disease and not only smoking but being exposed to high levels of contamination, radiation also increases the risk of contracting this type Of cancer.

What is lung cancer?

It is the development of cancer cells in the respiratory tract, in lung tissue, it is the most common cancer worldwide. Lung cancers can be divided into two types of non-small cell and small cell types.

Those of non-small cells are those that develop in smokers, former smokers or people who are exposed to radon and small cell cancer occurs in all those smokers and ex-smokers.

Symptoms of lung cancer

A strong cough that does not go away and as time goes getting worse

  • Cough with blood.

  • Inflammation of the neck and face.

  • Fatigue, fatigue.

  • Weight loss and appetite.

  • Whistles to breathe and ronqueras.

  • Pneumonia or bronchitis constantly.

  • When cancer spreads, it usually gives:

  • Bone pain.

  • Yellowing of the eyes and skin.

  • bumps on the body.

Treatments for lung cancer

This depends on the size and extent of this or the type of lung cancer

This requires surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy.

Surgery here eliminates the tumor and lymph nodes that are found by the thorax.

Radiotherapies radiation dose is applied to remove cancer cells and reduce the tumor.

Chemotherapies it is applied intravenously to destroy cancer cells.

Many times the medications used damage the healthy cells of the body and low platelets and low red and white blood cells. It also usually causes nausea, sores in the mouth and fatigue.

Immunotherapy this does not attack the lung directly but rather strengthens the immune system of the person suffering from cancer. All cancer causes the immune system to fail which is why this treatment helps these immune drugs act against cancer. This means that a percentage can survive another five years.

The immuno-oncological drugs they act better in smokers since the tobacco carcinogen has certain alterations in the tumor cells and they are prepared for the immunological treatment and this is of great help.

Lung cancer – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

Its causes and prevention

There are many causes that can develop lung cancer these are some, tobacco, effects of radon, exposure to carcinogens, genetic predisposition, cancer causing agents in the workplace, marijuana, excess or deficiency of vitamin A.

In most lung cancer occurs in people who smoke or who stopped smoking.

The best prevention for not getting this disease is not to smoke and use protective equipment to breathe in people who work with asbestos fibers, or shipbuilding to reduce the risk of lung cancer.

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