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How to dial as a private number?

Lenin Boscaney
5 min read
How to dial as a private number? – What is it – WebMediums
The private number option is very easy to use.

Technology has allowed us to protect ourselves and have better advances in security, one of them is to hide your information, do you know how to dial as a private number ? Here we explain it to you.

Knowing this is a useful tool that, if used in moderation and for what it is intended for, can bring us many benefits.

If you want your number to appear hidden when contacting someone, you must place it in this option. With very simple steps we will help you make this possible, so you will not have to share your data with anyone.

By doing this, you prevent unknown or unwanted people from saving your number and using it to contact you, in addition, it allows you to keep your data secret, a useful specification if you want to take care of your personal space. Read on to learn how to do it.

How to dial as a private number using Android?

How to dial as a private number? – What is it – WebMediums
The steps for Android start by locating the "Phone" app.

Android, one of the most used mobile device operating systems in the world, so today we want to teach you how to dial as a private number using one of these cell phones.

You can do two things: make your phone number not appear or hide your name, to achieve this you must:

  • Search for the "Phone" application, it varies in form with each model, however, when you find it you will be able to repeat the steps that we propose here without problems.

  • Being in the application, you must look for the three points that display the menu on the main screen, it is at the top right.

  • When you display the menu, you can click on the "Settings" option, there it will show you everything related to calls.

  • There, you should look for a name like "More settings" or "Special services". In that option, a tab will appear that indicates “Show your caller ID”.

  • Pressing this option displays a menu that indicates “Hide number or show”. Choose the one to hide and thus you will be agreeing to mark your information as a private number.

How to dial as private number using iPhone?

How to dial as a private number? – What is it – WebMediums
In IOS you must locate “Phone Settings” first.

This mobile device operating system also has the option to protect your information and make your number remain hidden. The steps to achieve that option are:

  • Go to “Phone Settings” and press the “Phone” option.

  • The option "Show caller ID" will appear in this section, it will be one of the last.

  • When you enter there, you will see a unique screen, because you will only have one option and to deactivate your visible ID, you must slide the button to the right of the word to the left.

  • To undo the option, just slide to the opposite side and that's it.

Now that you know how to dial as a private number in both operating systems, it's time to learn about other secrets or actions that can help you in this task.

Keys to dial as a private number

Did you know that it is possible to hide your ID without having to go into the settings of your phone? That's right, these passwords can vary from country to country, but they are very useful if you are completely unaware of the configuration of your device or if you want to hide your information only from certain contacts.

For example, in Spain, before entering the telephone number you are going to contact, you must dial #31# then, continue with the other digits and in this way, you will ensure that your information cannot be saved or recognized.

It is important to clarify that this option is momentary. If you are in the north side of America and want to know how to hide your information, we will teach you how to dial as a private number in the United States.

Here you only have to dial the following digits before the number you are going to contact: *67. By doing this, we are notifying the system to temporarily deactivate our number, making it appear as a hidden number to the person we are going to contact.

At the end of the call, our information immediately reappears as public and we must repeat the process every time we make a call. So you see that it is very easy to learn how to dial as a private number in the United States.

General conclusions

Today we teach you how to dial as a private number on mobile devices that belong to two operating systems such as Android and iPhone.

We were also able to point out some passwords or, better said, digits to dial that indicate to the operator your desire to temporarily hide information.

This action is very necessary, since it is possible due to all the technological advances that the world has obtained over the years. Hiding your information is currently a right that each person can exercise in their own way.

You just need to know more about your mobile device and understand very well everything you can achieve by knowing how to dial as a private number in your calls. Remember, identity is a privilege that must be cared for.