Breastfeeding techniques

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The first technique of breastfeeding is to apply the stretched position, also called sitting posture, this is the most common of all and is when he drinks this stretched in contact with the body of the mother attached to a chest and with the feet stretched to the other breast.

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The second technique is the so-called "rugby position"in this position the mother is sitting but the child is under his arm with his feet towards the back of the mother.

The horsehair position is also very used, in this technique the baby is hanging on the legs of his mother, it must be a technique for babies who can already sit.

Another technique widely used is the stretched posture, it is usually done on the bed where the mother and the baby are stretched parallel. It has similarity with the inverted stretching technique, is the same as the previous one but the baby is with the feet toward the head of the mother.

The technique of the posture on all fours, it is a little uncomfortable for the mother who must breastfeed her son who is lying on his back and the mother bends over to nurse him.

The technique of the biological aging position is another of the most frequent, since it is one of which the baby and the mother have more skin-to-skin contact, the mother and the baby are lying on the bed, but the mother on the side and the baby face down on his chest.

The technique of semi-sitting position, it is a postra that adopts the mother called "semifowler", where the legs are placed slightly bent with the back straight and the baby is placed on the area of ​​his chest, this is usually used during the healing of cesarean wounds.

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