2,000 dollars for the new AR viewer of Apple? Meet all the details

Alexa Acosta
3 min read

Rumors about the new Augmented reality viewer are still running among users, and now it is believed that they will cost a lot. Now everyone who wants to acquire them once they are on sale, they should start saving immediately. Since the Future visors of Augmented Reality of Apple could cost more than two thousand dollars.

2,000 dollars for the new AR viewer of Apple? Meet all the details

Apple is expected to present the viewfinder in the middle of the third and fourth quarter of 2022, after its manufacture at the beginning of said year. So far, it is affirmed that the prototypes are already almost ready for to begin its manufacture as soon as possible.

A high weight and new technology

It is rumored that the new Apple's viewers will have a 5NM chip, equal to the new iPad Mini 6 chip, iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. Its weight will be between 100 and 110 grams, and will include a camera and optical laser that They will serve as sensors.

Many comment that the elevated weight should be due to its voluminous design, and will be similar to diving glasses. So users should wait for a year later to see a miniaturized technology that allows to reduce the size and weight of the viewers.

The new Apple viewer leaves aside the autonomy to need an iPhone

According to the information filtered by The Information, the future visors of Augmented Reality of Apple will need be permanently connected to some device of the brand.

2,000 dollars for the new AR viewer of Apple? Meet all the details

It is commented that the connection will be similar to that of the Apple Watch on models without LTE and that the included chip will be focused on improving the connection with the different devices. This would improve the processing of the images, and it would be equal to having a wireless screen right opposite our eyes.

Even though the preliminary chip design for viewers is already finished, the launch of the first and second generation will depend on the course and the evolution of the pandemic. It is expected that there are no delays and that the launch date can be maintained for 2022 in the first generation, and 2023 for the second.

Other possible projects in which Apple works

The years 2022 and 2023 put together many fanatical users of Apple, because these will not be limited only to augmented reality viewers. Your projects go further, and today we will see rumors and leaks about His future projects.

1. Virtual reality viewer

According to filtrations, Apple began to develop an XR viewer that will have color cameras to be able to enjoy the best mixed reality experience. It will be a heavy, thin and much more powerful device than the Oculus Quest 2.

2,000 dollars for the new AR viewer of Apple? Meet all the details

2. Contact lenses

The next step for Apple, after the launch of the augmented reality viewer, will be the direct contact lenses. These lenses that are expected for 2030, aim to set aside the constant use of the mobile to return much more organic technology. The images and commands will appear in front of your eyes, and as well as in science fiction, you can control them.