MacBook Air M1: One of the best machines this year.

Fermín Díaz
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MacBook Air M1: One of the best machines this year. – Apple Universe
MacBook Air M1.

While it is true that the MacBook Air does not have the same processing capacity and ventilation system that has the MacBook Pro, actually the Model Air can do almost all the tasks you would do a MacBook Pro, with the benefit that has a cost of 20% less.

Characteristics of MacBook Air M1

Portability is one of the positive things that the MacBook Air has. It is a machine, small, comfortable, transportable and this year as many of the users worked from home and did not have to move so much, within their own house they could mobilize. Which is very advantageous if you had a large and heavy machine that forces you to be fixed in one place.

Another thing is that the portability is of nothing uses if you have a battery that does not endure a lot. In this the MacBook Air is quite competent, since you can literally pass two days of full work without having to load it even once. This is something that had been only seen on an iPad or a tablet.

MacBook Air M1: One of the best machines this year. – Apple Universe
MacBook Air: the best laptop for many

In the Mac there is no performance difference when the machines are plugged in or unplugged. Unlike other machines than when one unplug in the energy saving mode and low performance to hold the battery.

In the MacBook Air when unplugs has no impact on the performance. So we have a high power, portable and long battery life to the maximum of what it occurs in performance.

"If your needs are those of an average user, the MacBook Air can be indicated for you".

Speaking of performance, it would be useful to have a portable machine with long battery life, but that you can not lift the software or apps that one uses every day in your work. In this the MacBook Air has more than fulfilled with all these main attributes.

MacBook Air is not a perfect machine.

Although it has excellent qualities as we already mentioned, one of the things that users who would have liked that the model had, is a new design. While this is a very attractive design and is always a step forward in what has to do with a physical appearance, actually the current design already has several years in the market. It does not have any redesign, it has exactly the same visual aspect.

"Although the MacBook Air is not perfect, it is still an excellent choice for many users in the Apple universe"

As for the webcam, it can be said that there is an evolution in every sense, but 720p compared to any laptop of another brand, is a pity to continue having this camera.

Something that is very important for some users, is that does not support two external monitors connected at the same time. Even though it has two Thunderbolt ports, you can not connect two monitors in simultaneous, at least natively through these ports.

The lack of ventilation system as something positive.

At noise level, the MacBook Air is a beauty because you do not have to listen to a fan or an active cooling system and something incredible for many users. Since that limits as to where you can use it, for example, you could not use it in the bedroom during the night while others sleep. The AIR model is completely silent.

The keyboard is fantastic, the sensation of writing is great and there is no difficulty with it. The Trackpad is the smallest between all the MacBook Pro 13 inches and the 16-inch MacBook Pro. But this trackpad is totally comfortable and functional without any difference in use with respect to others MacBook with a larger trackpad.

MacBook Air M1: One of the best machines this year. – Apple Universe
MacBook Air is a silent model

At screen level, we have the same screen level of a MacBook Pro. This screen allows you to edit photos with an ability to view excellent color. The 400 nit that has compared to the 500 nit that has a MacBook Pro, it is not something that makes a lot of difference.

The M1 processor is something incredible, when you turn on it is superfast, you feel a very high response when you open the machine. When you open applications that are native to M1, they respond immediately, it is as if it were the experience of using an iPhone where you play an app and immediately opens.

What is coming for the future of this professional range of Apple Silicon is something exciting, we believe that it has the ability to mold all the industry and within 5 or 10 years we will see this as a turning point Where Arm with M1, and probably the entire Intel, Qualcomm and the rest of the companies that make processors.

As of this year there is a very important turning point in all computing and Apple will lead all this revolution with a step forward with these processors M that soon we see it in the following M1X version.

What can you buy with your budget?

Assuming that you have a budget of $1000, the MacBook Air M1 with 8 GB of RAM and 2565 GB of storage, it would be an excellent choice. You should not choose any MacBook Air with Intel processor. What's more, from now on it is not recommended choosing a MacBook with an Intel processor.

At the next level, If you have $1200, we still recommend the MacBook Air with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, instead of buying a MacBook Pro. Above all, because the difference is very small.

MacBook Air M1: One of the best machines this year. – Apple Universe
The AIR model is an excellent choice

In case you have $1400 budget, we continue to recommend the MacBook Air but with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. In this case it is worthwhile that you remember that if you have 512 GB of storage and qualify for the 8 GPU cores that would be missing with respect to a MacBook Pro.

If you have $1600 budget, you can aspire to a AIR model with 16 GB of RAM and 1 storage area, or you could buy a MacBook Pro With 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB storage. Here both options are excellent for a budget of $1600, and it would depend on whether you want to sacrifice 512 GB of storage to have the Pro model.

In case you have a budget exceeding $1600 and want a machine for 5 or 10 years in the future, it is advisable to wait for the new release of the 16-inch models and the iMac, Since they have more desktop performance.

The MacBook Air meets the expectations of many.