OLED screens could be as amazing in Apple's virtual reality helmets

Alexa Acosta
3 min read

We all know the amazing OLED technology that allows us to enjoy much more defined nuances. Currently, Apple has been including them on their devices with an improvement that makes them the best screens used in smartphones.

OLED screens could be as amazing in Apple's virtual reality helmets

Apple is currently working on projects that involve virtual reality helmets (RV) and Augmented Reality (RA). It is expected that in this new project Include improved micro-oled screens, a technology that could promote acceptance of these helmets. While better resolution, better experience, and Apple helmets promise to take this technology to the next level and much more.

What makes Apple's OLED technology so superior?

Commonly, oLED technology uses pixels emitting light independently, without the need to use backlight. Which allows the screen to be much thinner and grant excellent nuances of colors.

In spite of this, this technology tends to have a failure, because the colors tend to change when the screen is seen from other angles. A very common problem is the "persistent images" contants, which are ghosts of past images.

These images or burned, as is generally known, are part of the normal functioning of these screens, which dislikes many people. But miraculously Apple managed to solve the problem and convert these screens into the best of the moment.

OLED screens could be as amazing in Apple's virtual reality helmets

They managed to make a one algorithm that controls pixels individually, which allows controlling the nuances and brightness. The first and most remarkable improvement were much more and realistic colors, in addition to the brightness could also be more intense.

But what really surprised is that the integrated algorithm allows you to automatically adjust both the brightness and the nuances in microseconds. What allows you to completely eliminate the burning effect or permanent images that consumers hate so much.

Thanks to this incredible progress, the rV Helmets they can capture and show reality more accurately. It is undoubtedly a technological wonder what the Apple team has achieved.

VR Helmets could be the opener for some AR Glasses

We are waiting for the new Apple RV Helmets, with the amazing micro-OLED screen and hundreds of functionalities. But what many expect is that everything is a conditioning to introduce glasses of AR to the market.

It could really be a technological advance of the most futuristic, with benefits for all kinds of situations. They are perfect for long-distance conferences, 3D modeling, geographical location and much more within reach of our eyes.

It is believed that this technology would be arriving in the immediacy of 5 years, although due to the pandemic the technologies have accelerated. For what it is believed that it will arrive in just 3 years, and it could even reach 2022.

Soon we could leave the side smartphones and start using lenses to interact with visual and auditly with people.