Tips for waxing

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First, you will have to choose between hot or cold wax. Cold wax is much more comfortable, since it already comes in strips in the right amount, so you will save time and effort, as well as being much cleaner.

Tips for waxing – Beauty – WebMediums

You will have to heat the hot wax in the microwave and apply the desired amount on your skin, in addition to that you will have to buy separately the strips to remove it, although in most hot wax packs everything comes together.

There are different types of hot wax: to apply it with a trowel or to apply it with a roll-on, the latter is much more comfortable and effective when applying it.

Tips for waxing – Beauty – WebMediums

You must be very careful with the temperature, it should not be too hot, or you could burn your skin, not very cold, or you will not be able to spread it in the correct way.

The wax that is heated in a water bath, which is the one that has always been used, and is still used, although very little, but especially by older ladies, to pluck the upper lip or eyebrows.

It is a somewhat more "obsolete" way of hair removal and is not used much anymore.

This type of wax is sold in pearls that are heated in a water bath and applied directly to the skin.

This is an unsightly way of waxing for this very reason, as you will have to let the hair grow, which is not very pleasant.

Remember that before waxing you should have clean and dry skin, without having applied any type of cream or product before, unless you have decided to apply a body peel or an exfoliant to prepare your skin for waxing.

After applying the wax, remove the remains of wax with a cotton pad soaked in almond oil, you will be able to eliminate those uncomfortable remains of wax that stick to the skin and that it costs a lot to remove, with this technique you will be able to remove it easily.

Once the oil dries, you can apply a moisturizer or a post-depilatory cream to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Try not to sunbathe after waxing to avoid unwanted redness.

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