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Apps to manage your money

Fermín Díaz
6 min read
Apps to manage your money – Business – WebMediums
Apps to manage your money

We can easily say that we live in the age of apps. Nowadays, there are already apps for practically everything.

There are apps to manage time, for fitness workouts, for food diets, and of course, there had to be apps to manage your money.

But there are no few options for apps that help you in money management. Therefore, in this post we will talk about the most popular apps that can help you manage your personal finances and control your expenses.

Apps that will help you control your personal finances

Apple Pay

With this option, iOs users can use their mobiles as payment methods. They just have to bring their phone closer to the terminal, pressing the central button with their fingerprint to execute the transaction.

Apps to manage your money – Business – WebMediums
The app that facilitates your financial management

The smartphone has the data related to credit and debit cards with it through the iOs "Wallet" app. This service is quite popular in the US as it is very convenient and fast. It is believed that in a couple of years this payment method will be able to be seen all over the planet.

There is no doubt that it is an excellent app to manage your money and control expenses.

Android Pay / Google Wallet

Google is also in the race to help us put wallets in the past so that you can manage your personal finances with just one finger. Android is a pioneer in the use of NFC technology for payment methods.

Apps to manage your money – Business – WebMediums
Android Pay manage your finances

But Android Pay has interesting innovations, because its users can pay only with their smartphone. With Google Wallet you can control your expenses and finances, oriented to use among known users but with an open mind.

It is an app that helps you control your expenses and income. It is able to link with your bank accounts, manage your resources automatically. When it started it was a major technological advance for online banking.

With this app you can build budgets adapted to your reality, due to the analytical data it provides to users. It can monitor your accounts and at the same time send you notifications in case there is any irregular movement.

Apps to manage your money – Business – WebMediums
Mint helps you control expenses

It shows you the credit score and suggests how to optimize it, and also gives you recommendations to improve your current financial situation. This wonderful app is only available for the US and Canada at the moment.


It is a Mexican option that does a job similar to Mint. With it, you can view your financial data in a single site, incorporating the data of several bank accounts. You can create budgets, and it is excellent for achieving goals in your finances and optimizing them.

Cash app

It is an app to carry out transactions, it allows the exchange of money to be easier, it can connect with your bank account and carry out operations for free.

With this app you can make transfers more quickly and comfortably.

The app even generates a tag so that those who owe you money can recognize your profile. Its operation is equivalent to sending money by email and even transfers from one account to another at no cost.


With GoodBudget you can create small "envelope" budgets so that you do not exceed your spending capacity.

It consists of functions for creating irregular budgets, with which you can manage entries that are not fixed and which, by the way, is perfect for those who work as freelancers.


This app allows you to manage your finances in a simple way. With it, you can establish a budget, scan receipts of payments made, manage your money in categories, you can define savings goals and view behavior graphs.

Daily expenses

This app was designed to organize your expenses and entries, you can record your movements according to the date of these and then check the totals for days, months and years in the reports.


Designed to create very simple budgets and lists, you add your monthly income and the expenses you make per day. Then, on the same screen, you can subtract the amounts that you make in order to obtain a balance of how your financial status is.


With it, you can organize and track your finances. Every time you buy something, pay a bill or make any daily purchase, just add the expense. Aside from keeping your own accounting records, you can also compare your entries each month.


It is usually used to manage accounts and divide expenses among family, acquaintances or friends. You can view how much you owe, how much other people owe you, your budget, your accounts payable and financial expenses per month.


With this app you keep a budget, include bank charges, and you can even gather all the financial data in one place.


It is one of the best apps, because with it, you can control several bank accounts simultaneously, and its download is free.

In a single instant you can see how much you have saved in total, how much you have spent in the most recent months, you can see how you are being valued by the banks according to their account statements, notifications of commissions and a little more.

Money manager

It is a free, simple and easy-to-use app, with it, you can have a very clear record of the inputs and outputs you have, and you can organize them into different categories to identify and distinguish them more easily.

Apps to manage your money – Business – WebMediums
An app with which you can keep financial records

The app makes the relationship between inputs vs. outputs, view graphs to view consumption patterns and the state of your finances. You can even schedule notifications so as not to overlook pending expenses that you have to make.


This app includes mobile functions, you can manage from your computer or your tablet. It allows you to link your bank accounts, make estimates, record day-to-day expenses, you can have a shared account with friends and family.

Apps to manage your money – Business – WebMediums
Manage your money with wallet

It can be very useful if you want to organize trips in family groups and want to have a budget so that all members of the group can be aware of it.


If you have a very specific way of managing and organizing this app is what you need. It allows you to customize the functions according to your needs, from the profile to the type of currency you use.

Apps to manage your money – Business – WebMediums
Control your expenses with Spendee

You can share your wallet with friends to be able to pay in groups when you organize trips to movies, restaurants or trips with them.

It allows you the detailed management and organization of the movements you make with your accounts according to the places, periods and dates that are of interest to you. With it, you can easily manage your money.

The best apps for personal finance.