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Learn to climb within the trends on TikTok

Grecia De Flores
5 min read
Learn to climb within the trends on TikTok – Business – WebMediums

TikTok has been crowned as the social network of viralization. Within its platform, you will not only be able to find hundreds of beauty, cooking or DIY tutorials, but you will also be able to keep up with the trends and latest twists in virtual fashion.

One of the simplest ways to become popular on the TikTok platform is by getting more views, through trends, challenges, or content in conjunction with other content creators. In this way, the TikTok algorithm will give it high priority over your video, as long as you use the sounds, effects or even the hashtags that are in trend.

Those videos that are uploaded to the platform supported by the indicated sounds, songs, effects or hashtags, are the ones that generally get the most views, since other people send them to other people, who generally follow that trend.

Identifying the trends within TikTok as a true PRO

To start skyrocketing into TikTok trends, one of the first things you need to learn to identify is the way in which trends work within the TikTok platform.

One of the quickest ways to do this is through the "Discover" tab. There you can find all those options that the algorithm will present you, depending on the trend of the moment. Videos are going to range from a fairly specific theme, challenge, sound, or video style. This is the time to unleash your imagination and do something totally new.

Another quite simple and dynamic way to identify the different trends within TikTok is through hashtags, which can be very varied. But here we recommend you apply it first: #trendalert, since this is one of the most popular within the community of famous Tiktokers, in order to be able to identify those characteristics or trends that are generating popularity within the platform, so that you can also lean on it.

One of the many attractions of the use of hashtag, especially this one that is so representative, is the fact that you should only place yourself in that trend that suits your style and do something totally new with which the rest of the community can meet you.

Likewise, you can use your own hashtag, or create something representative of your brand, your video or those you want to share, in order to be even more successful.

Likewise, it is important that you consider the fact that all trends can vary depending on the theme, use or even the way in which you project it. The latter is of vital importance if you are looking to mark a before and after within a trend, or if you are looking to adapt a trend to your style or brand of people.

The algorithm also responds in very particular ways depending on what you want to communicate, so it is special that you use the appropriate tools for all this work such as music, hashtag, content and trend. A clear example of this are trends like "Tech TikTok" which is not the right trend for "Fashion TikTok", so it is essential that you place yourself within your target.

And now how do I go up within the trends?

Once you have identified the trends that exist within the platform and have adapted them to your target, the next step to take is to climb within those same trends, in order to be No. 1.

The easiest and simplest way to jump into a trend on TikTok is by using the most popular effects and sounds within the platform, or those that your community considers the best to use at the moment.

It is important that while we do this, we begin to add those popular songs or audios in order to attract the public to what we want to communicate. If, on the other hand, this "trend" sounds does not convince you at all, you can use the effect of your preference and together, place your voice-over within the video in order to communicate to your users about what you want.

Songs and also popular audios, enter the trends by the number of times users have searched for it, either for them to replicate the trend or even to follow your page or venture. Although trends can be very varied, they can also be very volatile, so it is ideal that you always do these trends when they are popular, in order to take full advantage of the visibility they have within the platform.

And don't worry about repeating, it is quite common within the community for everyone to repeat trends and add a bit of their personal touch to create something unique and unprecedented.

Create your video using the audio or the song that is within the top on the platform, then add a striking title and proceed to place some of the hashtags that you have already identified as a trend, in order to upload it to the platform and that the numbers begin to upload.

Some figures about TikTok

  • TikTok currently has one billion users who are active around the world.

  • 90% of TikTok users use this app multiple times a day, even to keep up with celebrity news and gossip.

  • 75% of users consume content that appears as recommended according to those users who follow.

  • Only 3% of companies are using TikTok for marketing purposes.

  • 738 million downloads of the application were made in 2019, which placed it just behind Disney plus, which is considered the most downloaded App of that year.

Now that you know the right way to use TikTok to grow and become known, maybe it's the right time to start creating your account and creating your own fun and creative content.