Sales modes that lost effectiveness

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A recent article in a leading online marketing magazine reminded me of those ways of selling the past that currently many still use, but have lost their effectiveness in recent years. Like technology, it is necessary to advance in the sales strategies.

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The door-to-door sale top the list of sales modes that do not work. People are no longer interested in receiving sellers at their doors because the time in their lives is so short that they do not want to lose it knowing products they have not requested at any time.

The unsolicited sale by phone is less effective than selling door to door, the reason is that you never know at what time the listener is available to make a purchase or at least hear about the service and not interested not only is it likely to hang, but it gets a negative image of the product or business that I offer you.

The sale by email, it has stopped working less than selling by telephone due to the distrust that this generates and the little revision of unwanted electronic files.

Sales by demonstrations lose more and more effectiveness if they are new products. People are increasingly afraid to try products they do not know for health or hygiene reasons. This mode of sale is only effective for recognized brands.

There is no exact science to sell. Each company has developed its own sales strategies with optimal results, although it is a reality that innovation has only two results; positive or negative.

A tip for those who want to change their selling model, is to simulate purchases in large companies or chains and study how they will try to sell your products and even if you do not want to, you will discover the way in which they "force" you to acquire it.

Then, take your own conclusions and rescue the best of each model. So you do not practice The sales methods that lost effectiveness.

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