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The power of influencers in today's society

Dilis Salazar
6 min read

Influencers, a very popular mass phenomenon within digital communication.

Much has been said about influencers in recent years; They are dominating today's society and have an important role in digital communication; But let's see what this task is about and what its role is in marketing. Maybe this article will help you, if you want to become the next influencer.

What is an influencer?

The person who has a presence and credibility in social networks is known as influencers. That is, the one who has the power to increase a brand.

They are also known as media leaders, due to the immediacy they manage to achieve worldwide.

The influencer identifies more with Instagram, and takes advantage of his position to influence people, thus being the voice of many companies through the internet.

You have to be very careful before choosing one, because by itself it cannot help you to position a brand, you must also use a digital strategy.

The power of influencers in today's society – Business – WebMediums
The influencer has an active life in the networks

Influencers are not always famous people. A fresh new face can also be a great influencer, you just have to have an active life on social media, and a great online reputation.

In this way, his way of gaining followers is through the trust he generates in the digital community.

Usually, they start with their own resources, sharing the content they dominate the most, and creating a story to connect with their followers.

What does an influencer do within a digital strategy?

Influencers have many tasks, but within a digital strategy, it must fulfill the following functions:

1. Promote a new brand

Raising and increasing the number of followers on social networks in a new brand is one of the tasks of these digital phenomena. To do this, they must show the product and explain to the audience what it is about.

Of course, for the result to be 100% optimal, the brand or company must comply with what the influencer says through social networks.

2. Promote the action of a brand

Another of the tasks of these people would be to promote the action of a marl; This can be done within the same campaign. Without a doubt, this is quite a helpful push.

3. They work with events

Another way to find to promote a brand is through events, and in this way the influencers have an important participation.

A brand ambassador can have a lot of recognition, and generate greater credibility through events.

4. Build relationships

When the influencer has a connection with the brand, they can build relationships with the community, through digital media. This person has the task of interacting with the followers, and transmitting everything related to the brand.

How to choose a good influencer for your brand?

We all identify with an influencer at some point, but to choose one who is the ambassador of our brand, service, or company, it is important to take into account the digital marketing strategy.

It is also necessary to know the item, or service that we are providing. And do a good research on the person, to see if it is in line with your brand and the values that define you.

Characteristics that every good influencer should have

In the first place, the influencer must master an essential topic, he must look for something with which he identifies, explore and have extensive knowledge of it.

Another quality you should develop is good writing; these people usually write their texts, but they seldom take the time to review them.

If you want to gain more online reputation, this is a step that you cannot miss.

The power of influencers in today's society – Business – WebMediums
Influencers with online reputation

Be honest with your followers. The influencer is due to his community, so all the products he promotes through his platforms must be certified by him, and not have any hidden advertising.

Maintaining good social skills and learning to relate is another quality of influencers. You must cultivate empathy through social media and work collaboratively.

Also, your role will always be related to the creation of content, so you must be disciplined and keep your accounts up to date. Consistency will be your best link with your followers.

And finally, another quality that defines them is that influencers know how to create and promote original content. Here in essence, what matters is what the influencer is, that is why everything he does must put his personal stamp on it.

The social networks used by an influencer

The good influencer knows their community and their social networks, but the most effective means of communicating are the following:

1. Facebook

The social network with the largest number of users in the world. This allows influencers to compete for attention.

2. Instagram

This social network has at least 700 million users, and it continues to grow. Here influencers can share their life, and history, with valuable content.

3. YouTube

Before it was considered a social network with little interaction, but the platform has made several modifications, and it is another channel that influencers use to post their material, showing videos of their daily life and answering the questions of their followers.

4. Twitter

Another of the favorite networks to give news and short texts, with at least 300 million followers.

5 types of influencers that can help your brand grow

Celebrity: He is an influencer who has been around his whole life. They are the well-known dancers, singers, models and actors, who continue their careers through social networks.

Fitness: It is an influencer who generates content dedicated to the importance of a good diet and a healthy life. You should exercise and be in good physical condition.

Your job will be to motivate your followers to follow this lifestyle.

Entertainment: They are influencers who use humor, or some sketches to raise awareness about something common. The content they promote is very varied.

Tourist: People who travel and share their experiences around the world are another type of influencers. Sometimes they give advice to travelers.

The power of influencers in today's society – Business – WebMediums
Influence tourists

Foodies: They are influencers who share their passion for food with their followers. They offer recipes, recommendations, and opinions.

Fashionista: They are people with a unique style and who work to demonstrate new fashion trends. They dedicate their lives to that, they know how to sell and promote clothing brands.

If you are looking for an influencer to carry out your brand's digital campaign, you can investigate the tasks that each of them performs, and see if they appropriate your market.

Also keep in mind that each influencer manages their own rates, and this will also depend on the impact it has according to the social network.