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Types of influencers and their link with marketing strategies

Enrique R
Enrique R
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The dynamics of the 2.0 world has strengthened these figures who have always moved millions: Influencers.

The phenomenon of influencers is not exactly new, but with the rise of the digital world and social networks, more and more characters have millions of followers whose opinion or vision automatically affects the behavior, vision and decisions of a large part of the population.

It sounds like great power and as we know it comes with great responsibility.

Actually it is, but fortunately for now there is no such thing as The League of Evil of influencers, in the sector where many of them converge is in marketing.

Let's see what types of influencers we can identify and how they get involved in the marketing process, campaigns and advertising in general.

Types of influencers and their link with marketing strategies

The profile of the narcissistic influencer remained in the past

Interaction on the internet increasingly forces content creators to offer quality.

Without belittling anyone who wants to be an influencer with their Greek profile, now you have to provide much more than pretty photos.

For this reason, there are fewer and fewer influencers showing only their figure, we can see athletes, entrepreneurs who provide beauty advice and promote their brand, athletes who show interesting gym routines along with fitness tips; there is always a valuable content accompanying the influencer's image.

Credibility has also become the most important element for followers, this is obviously linked to the audience they are targeting and the regulations against fakenews, which are increasingly stronger in all spaces.

False news that is considered dangerous can be a reason to ban any profile, even an influencer, on social networks.

Speaking of sports or entrepreneur influencers, we show you below the types of influencers:

Celebrities (Celebrity)

They are the influencers naturally.

A celebrity is already famous either because of a movie or series, singers or people who manage to become famous through the internet.

Sometimes you start with something that attracts attention on the internet, and you end up being one of the most expensive influencers in the medium.

Such is the case of Kim Kardashian, an influencer who rose to fame after an intimate video with her boyfriend that mysteriously reached the networks, today she has more than 260 million followers on Instagram and has just appeared in the most iconic show from the US, as is Saturday Night Live.

Famous athletes and great entrepreneurs are on this same list: Messi or Michael Jordan are examples of epic and incredible influencers.

Traditionally it has been established that a celebrity has more than 1 million followers.

The reality is that today the mascot of any celebrity exceeds that figure, so we could well raise the bar to more than 5 million followers.

Types of influencers and their link with marketing strategies


Most of the well-known influencers enter this sector.

While celebrities can be placed between 5 and 300 million followers or more, those in the entertainment sector generally have between 100,000 and 10 million followers.

They usually connect with their fans through live shows and always with a theme.

El Rubius, Soy Germán, Dross, Ibai, are some of the best known influencers in the entertainment area.

Occasionally they immerse themselves in current news and have a very loyal fandom, they even have kind of clashes in their videos between fans of each other.

Micro influencers

They are users who have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.

The number is low compared to the first types of influencers defined, but these micro influencers focus on very specific niches or topics.

Thus, it is possible to locate in this sector the majority of personalities who talk about fitness, fashionistas, critics of food establishments and their menus, art, theories, there are even micro-influencers who are exclusively dedicated to well-known sagas, movies or series.

Being dedicated to specific areas, they are a sector with a very high conversion rate when it comes to being linked to marketing, their followers really listen and take their advice into account, they do not usually have a mass that follows them by fashion or by something of the moment as a video.


Although at the beginning these entered the same entertainment section, the gamers influencers have been creating their own culture, they have their events and can really be treated as a separate sector.

Also, unlike entertainment influencers, gamers go about their topic: Games.

How do these influencers attract their followers?

They make videos playing and showing tricks on famous games, show new consoles and games by testing them live for their fans, as well as PC Gamer inputs.

Types of influencers and their link with marketing strategies

Traveling influencers

These types of influencers were for a time part of entertainment in general and / or micro influencers. Today they are a separate sector, and they live traveling, some look for controversial places or that are always in the sights of the media, so they will have many mentions in networks, media and even newscasts.

A palpable example is the influencer Luisito Comunica, who recently visited Venezuela and made controversial statements.

Irreverent / Controversial

These influencers do not focus on content, on the contrary, they usually go against some established current, critical of everything and nothing, they can almost always be located in what is called anti-system.

Although they do not offer something solid or structured as content, they manage to grow in their networks because controversy sells.

How does an influencer become one?

Apart from celebrities, who can stand out for a stroke of luck (or leaked video), some circumstantial genius, a show or movie / series where they jump to fame or for being very good at some sport (with the effort that it entails), The general rule is to start from the bottom, sometimes with the support of other influencers but fighting like a like, until reaching millions of followers and a voice that can influence the decisions and way of seeing the lives of many people around them.

Types of influencers and their link with marketing strategies

Influencer Marketing

Companies understood that influencers are a fast and direct way to reach millions of people, in this way they manage to get their advertising to millions of potential clients, sometimes this is done in parallel to the launch of a campaign and on other occasions the campaign revolves around the influencer.

This is possible when the figure is strongly linked to the brand or product, in such a way that the campaign is enhanced only with its figure.

An excellent example of influencer marketing around a figure is Masserati with Jaime Lorente.

The actor who represents Denver in La Casa de Papel, is well remembered in a scene where he mentions to Rio that Tokio, his girlfriend, is a Masserati (meaning that she is a beauty, perfect, that everyone loves her).

At the end of the fourth season of the series, where Jaime Lorente mentions the Masserati, the car company hired him, and he is now a relevant figure in Masserati advertising.

You don't have to work hard for this campaign, just put your image up on a Masserati, your fans immediately remember the series, the phrase, and they think it's great.

If the company is a local food company, a micro-influencer who stands out in the criticism of culinary venues will be perfect.

On the other hand, if it is a world event, figures like the Kardashian sisters or great athletes and actors are usually chosen for the great scope they have.