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Metaverse fitness: the new way to earn money moving

Guzmán Leal
6 min read
Metaverse fitness: the new way to earn money moving – Cryptocurrencies
Move to earn is the new trend in NFT games.

Everything related to a new digital world seems to only bring benefits.

In this order of ideas, a new concept has emerged that is known as the fitness metaverse. It is basically the combination between virtual reality games along with physical activity.

At such a point, that's where the metaverse gets involved as well as the trend of play to earn games. That is, through different tasks or physical activities, the user will be able to earn cryptocurrencies and translate it into income in the process.

What are move to earn?

Basically, they are games that are based on blockchains, where users with NFTs or tokens can earn rewards with physical activities.

In this sense, they bring back the idea of games like the Nintendo Wii that included eSports. Within that title, people were presented with several tasks of a physical nature to meet certain objectives.

But now, with the new digital trends and, specifically in the metaverse, it acquires a new modality, allowing users to earn money for moving around.

Move to earn, the new trend in crypto games?

The main difference from games known as “move to win” is that they encourage the user to be physically active.

In other words, it is not necessary to sit in front of a computer or a console for more than 8 hours, which is detrimental to health.

It is for this reason that it is known as the fitness metaverse, as it involves a series of activities and sessions that involve exercises to earn cryptocurrencies.

Metaverse fitness: the new way to earn money moving – Cryptocurrencies
NFTs continue to consolidate.

In the event that this trend ends up settling in today's world, within the same digital transition that we live in, it will put an end to several debates.

One of them is about whether games represent a triggering factor in cases of sedentary lifestyle and obesity in people. The latter, because the players spend a lot of time sitting or lying down in front of a console.

In other words, if it works, it will be one of the video games on the market in which, in order to win, we will have to carry out activities that demand our mobility.

On the other hand, it will continue with the line that play to earn video games have been marking , which allows users to have fun while earning money.

It is worth mentioning the popular Axie Infinity, a game that recently announced changes to balance the game, or also “The Sandbox”, and “Dragonary”.

Genopets, best positioned NFT game in the field

In terms of move to earn, one of the most popular titles is Genopets, in which you have a virtual being or pet. The basic idea is that, over time, it can evolve.

Metaverse fitness: the new way to earn money moving – Cryptocurrencies
Genopets, the main move to earn.

But how to evolve? This is where “move to make money” comes in. And it is that, through actions in the real world, our spirit acquires experience that will allow it to evolve.

These spirits, beings or pets are related in their design to the traditional Pokémon or Digimon franchise. Also, taking into account the evolutions from experience, it is not unreasonable to think that they are based on such titles.

For the creators of the game, any type of activity carried out by the user on a daily basis is valid, as long as it involves mobility. That is, from walking to go buy some good, to running for health issues.

Each of the actions you perform in your daily life will count to earn title tokens, as well as experience to evolve your character.

How to enter the game?

The new trend in play to earn does not require a minimum investment to start enjoying the game, compared to other titles. Although, if money can be put into the title, there is also a way to start earning for free.

In the free play version, players need to spend much more time active in their daily lives, in order to accumulate large amounts of experience. Within the game, they are known as KI and XP, those elements that are responsible for developing our digital pets.

For those users who entered for free, they must accumulate experience and KI for a certain time until they reach over 77 levels. Also, along the way, your pet will be able to go through 12 stages of evolution.

In this way, the character will be able to acquire a "super rare" condition, which is the requirement to be able to sell all that accumulated progress. In other words, it is the way you will get an NFT, as well as the right to sell it and make a profit without investing anything.

In the case of entering the game with a minimum investment, you will clearly leave with greater advantages. One of them is to have a habitat for the pet, in which the tasks performed on it will allow the user to earn tokens.

Metaverse fitness: the new way to earn money moving – Cryptocurrencies
Genopets NFTs come in different rarities.

In this way, the character will be able to evolve much faster and reach the levels goal as soon as possible to recover the investment.

For Genopets, Coinmarketcap details that it has a market capitalization of $19,971,910. In addition, as of today, February 5, 2022, it has a price of $5.95.

The future goes through the metaverse

Everything seems to indicate that even the ways to earn money will involve the metaverse as the main medium.

In this sense, the entire fitness ecosystem seems to be more involved in generating incentives for people to improve their physical condition. All through exercise. What better way than making money? Either way, it's a win-win for the user.

Through these games, it is one more way to transform all our physical and mental effort into income that will allow us to continue growing. It is all thanks to the volatile and very challenging market of cryptocurrencies.