Functional ideas to decorate small baths

Maria de Piña
5 min read

The bathroom is the most vital space of the home, but it is also the one that has less importance at the time of decorating, and more than being a few meters.

It is not enough just to place any pottery and essential elements, we must design; And for this reason I have wanted to bring you the best ideas to create small and authentic baths.

The particularity of having less size, certainly puts us at a disadvantage, however, the range of products for bathroom decoration is quite wide.

An endless model of basic elements for this environment have innovative and compact designs to cover our needs.

The challenge is to obtain an impeccable and pleasant environment with a design that caught you, so it takes note of these ideas to renew your small bathroom.

How to decorate a small bath?

Here are the best trendy ideas; And they will not make you spend a lot to remodel your small bathroom.

Place white tiles, in different designs

Functional ideas to decorate small baths – Decor – WebMediums
Bathroom with ceramic, tiles and marble blank

Coating the walls and the floor is the basis of our decoration, and for small baths the white tiles will never fail.

Clear colors offer an effect of amplitude in a space, This is vital for these types of bathrooms, since being so small and humid, they require this factor with priority.

To give you an innovative style you can use tiles with different designs in different areas.

This helps with the division of space, since when using a tile type in the shower, visually comprises itself as two separate environments.

Compact washbasin with storage system

Functional ideas to decorate small baths – Decor – WebMediums
Washbasin on shelmed bases

The sinks are a vital element in a bathroom, but usually the old designs were very spacious, which are not ideal for a narrow space.

The idea is to opt for more compact models, which can be linking with a storage furniture.

All elements must be functional, and to save us space a floating dressing table is the best.

This is created by placing it washes on the storage furniture (which is also floating), and then hold it to the wall, without any support at the bottom.

The trend that is being used in recent years with respect to the design of lava hands is square shape. Small and discreet in light colors.

Glass wall showers

Functional ideas to decorate small baths – Decor – WebMediums
Shower with glass wall

This type of showers are widely used in all types of bath, however these are ideal for small spaces, because with only one glass wall divides the areas of the bathroom.

The fact of crystal being offers you a more sophisticated aspect to the environment.

These we can get them in different models, since the density of the design that the material has can provide us more privacy when it is inside the shower.

Although, usually the showers are located at the bottom of the subtraction space or in a corner, there are different models for which we can opt.

Just like placing a complete sliding wall, a glass wall with door or a curved version for showers in corners.

Shelves in the toilet area

Functional ideas to decorate small baths – Decor – WebMediums
Wooden shelves in white color

The shelves are very functional elements, which serve to store and in turn work as an exhibitor. In the bathrooms are very practices, and more when locating them in the toilet area.

The upper space of the wall where the toilet is located, are usually blank areas, that is, they do not provide any use with any necessary element. However, when placing a minimum 3 shelves, it becomes functional and decorative.

The most common are made of varnished wood, but there are others with materials more resistant to the bathroom conditions of the bath.

Side shelves type skyscraper

Functional ideas to decorate small baths – Decor – WebMediums
4-level skyscraper ledge

It is not the typical shelves placed on the wall, it is a rectangular structure placed vertically with shelves, this is an element that functions as a space divider and in turn as a storage furniture.

In stores can be achieved as a piece of furniture, however this will not have the correct measurements to fill the floor space up to the ceiling. The most recommendable thing is to Create it during bath remodeling, using materials such as cement, brick or wood.

It is usually located next to the toilet mirror or to the toilet. In it, you can protect many objects, since agglomera various shelves in a single structure.

Fusion of black and white on the tiles

Functional ideas to decorate small baths – Decor – WebMediums
White small bathroom with black ceramic

The target gives amplitude, however it can be a bit boring for many. The idea of merging white and black is for to give depth and character to the clear background that predominates.

You can choose to place white tiles on the walls, but on the floor placed tiles with another design and black or other dark.

To complement, you can finish the decoration by placing elements with touches of the two colors.

Showers with built-in bathtub

Functional ideas to decorate small baths – Decor – WebMediums
Bathtub with integrated shower

The fact that space is reduced, does not necessarily represent an obstacle to having a bathtub and a shower at a time. You can have the best of the two in a single space in your bathroom.

Although a professional should do the job, you can have a direct bathtub on the floor, covere it in the front with concrete and then covere it with tiles.

To this is added the job for Place the glass of the sliding walls at the height that a shower must have.

The only indispensable requirement to perform this idea is that the space has the appropriate measures for a tub, since otherwise it would be uncomfortable to stretch the body.

Each space of your home has its charm, and your task is to discover that of your bathroom. So do not limit yourself when thinking about measures, imagine and create the bath of your dreams with these great ideas.