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Beyoncé's look at Alexandre Arnault and Geraldine Guyot's wedding

Saharay Perez Bautista
2 min read
Beyoncé's look at Alexandre Arnault and Geraldine Guyot's wedding
Beyoncé as a wedding guest

The son of the richest man in France, Alexandre Arnault agreed on his love story with Geraldine Guyot, designer and influencer; at a ceremony held in Venice. Which, Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended.

After getting engaged to El Civil in Paris three months ago, Arnault and Guyot held their ceremony in the church of Santa Maria Assunta. Therefore, numerous friends from the "jet set" attended and among them were both the singer and the rapper.

Beyoncé and her wedding guest look that created a perfect contrast

Beyoncé's look at Alexandre Arnault and Geraldine Guyot's wedding
Beyoncé's wedding guest look

Basically, the "Single Ladies" author sported a guest look that was defined by contrast.

Said look was made up of a satin light blue slip dress. In other words, a simple design with very thin straps with a drop and made of satin fabric that, without showing much, looks sexy and is an iconic piece of recent fashion.

Added to this, at her friends' wedding, Beyoncé covered herself with a fitted black coat that, in addition to providing a counterpoint, gave her a completely glamorous autumn touch. He also opted for strappy sandals in a sky blue tone to complete a 90s look.

In this way, Beyoncé's look as an ode guest fits in with what is known as "effortless chic." This being, a fashion concept that is based on the motto "decorate without the intention being noticed", wearing an outfit that does not have much production, but at the same time, offers elegance, distinction and sensuality.

For example, her light blue slip dress is perfect for any party with friends or celebration. While her fitted coat with shiny buttons is a timeless accessory that even looks good for a day trip. Even his 90s sandals provide a casual and sophisticated style at the same time.

What other celebrities attended the wedding in Italy?

Beyoncé's look at Alexandre Arnault and Geraldine Guyot's wedding
Arnault and Guyot during their wedding in Venice

In addition to Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z, Alexandre Arnault and Geraldine Guyot's wedding had a long list of guests that It was packed with various celebrities worth mentioning below:

  • Pharrell Williams (with his wife and son).

  • John Elkann Agnelli (president of Ferrari and Stellantis).

  • Maria Grazia Chiuri (Creative Director of Dior).

  • Diego Della Valle (dream of the Fiorentina football team).