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Bridal shoes: How to choose the right one?

Discover the new trends in bridal shoes

Dilis Salazar
4 min read
Bridal shoes: How to choose the right one? – Fashion – WebMediums
Bride shoes

Although the wedding dress is the first thing we think about when we are going to get married, we cannot leave aside the choice of footwear; For this I want to give you some recommendations and new trends, to choose the right wedding shoe.

Keep in mind that everything will depend on the trends, the cut of the dress, the style and the place; If you know how to combine these elements perfectly, then you will choose the right wedding dress.

Some tips to choose your bridal shoes

There are many factors that influence the choice of footwear, however, if you follow these tips, you will surely choose the best one.

  • The cut of the dress: Try to try them on with the dress on, so that you can check that they are according to the style, whether you want to wear them in some photos.

  • Take care of the design and aesthetics: It is very wise to choose the footwear according to the design of the dress. You will not be able to wear shoes with cork heels, wearing a dress with tulle fabrics.

  • Evaluate the conditions of the place: For example, if you are getting married in the sea, it may not be convenient to wear pointed toe heels, because they will be buried in the sand, unless you have a conditioned path.

  • Take care of the height: When it comes to comfort, as a woman you can wear shoes that are appropriate to the place, but also that adapt to you. If you have never walked in high shoes then you must take good care of the centimeters. To last all day, do not exceed 6 to 7 centimeters.

  • Quality is vital: If the footwear is made of high quality material, then perfect, these will provide you with a lot of comfort when walking. Of course, try to practice with them some time before the wedding.

The latest trends in wedding shoes

Bridal fashion does not stop, there are many big firms that stop to create dresses, accessories, footwear, and all the necessary elements for a bride to look fantastic, in front of the altar.

Mules Shoes

Bridal shoes: How to choose the right one? – Fashion – WebMediums
Mules style bridal shoes

For women who hate heights, the "Mules" design is one of the most suitable, this shoe is perfect for original brides who get married at sea, or in an outdoor environment.

It can be the perfect complement for brides who adopt a bohemian style, with layered dresses, accentuating a perfect style in spring concept weddings.

The mules is a shoe that only covers the instep, and exposes the heel area. It is, without a doubt, an irresistible bet that is dominating the new bridal footwear collections. Bet on them, without a doubt you will be just as beautiful, but very comfortable.

Say goodbye to white

Bridal shoes: How to choose the right one? – Fashion – WebMediums
colored bridal shoes

If you should know something, it is that the traditional white shoe is no longer so essential in a bridal outfit. There is no doubt that the most daring brides have decided to break with these concepts and try to wear a colored wedding shoe.

The color can go according to the accessories of the wedding, in general it is always a more vibrant tone. You will discover bridal shoes in red, wine, blue, yellow, or green.

the bright ones

Bridal shoes: How to choose the right one? – Fashion – WebMediums
Comfortable bridal shoes

As part of the latest trends in bridal fashion, we cannot fail to mention how the glitter effect has positioned itself in footwear. This effect in Silettos bridal shoes goes with asymmetrical designs, trouser suits, or mini dresses.

The shoe with diamonds is not suitable for all bridal styles, so you must make a good choice so as not to end up making a mistake in the concept.

the famous booties

Bridal shoes: How to choose the right one? – Fashion – WebMediums
bridal ankle boots

This is one of the most current trends, but just like the previous one, it does not go with all types of brides.

Honestly, it is a shoe that complements the personality of the bride, so if you are not sure, it is better not to wear it.

It is a good proposal, since there are currently many trends in this type of bridal footwear.

You can find ankle boots with geometric heels, jewel heels, Victorian style ankle boots, with a glitter effect, or with purine.

Also, there are brands that have highlighted their designs based on cowboy boots, with a beautiful animal print finish, or white.

If you have noticed, trends are changing and the traditional form of bridal shoes is out of fashion. Today the designs are charming, and all these will be in accordance with the bride's style, which is marked from the beginning by accentuating her personality.