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Exclusive tips from Victoria Beckham to achieve the best fall style

Saharay Perez Bautista
6 min read
Exclusive tips from Victoria Beckham to achieve the best fall style
Fall 2021 trends according to Victoria Beckham

Apart from mastering the trends on the catwalk as a designer, the renowned Victoria Beckham is also distinguished by providing the most successful tips to look fashionable and create looks with great distinction. Thus, one of the most influential women in the fashion industry.

Therefore, if you want to look prettier than normal during fall 2021, it is essential to take into account certain tricks or tips that the designer offers to apply at that time. So, let's get started !:

1) Men's style pants

Exclusive tips from Victoria Beckham to achieve the best fall style
Victoria Beckham with bell boot trousers

With particularity, Beckham usually chooses a garment as versatile as this kind of pants. Which is tight to the knee and has a bell cut, in addition, it has a high-waisted model. Thanks to this, it is a garment that stylizes the figure in a remarkable way.

Indeed, no matter how many trends change, it is always necessary to rescue men's style trousers; especially in neutral colors. To combine it, the designer opts for heels to give a more sophisticated and subtle effect.

2) A flowery dress like the one in spring

Exclusive tips from Victoria Beckham to achieve the best fall style
Beautiful flower dress for fall

Although it is an iconic garment of spring, the truth is that Victoria Beckham points out that it can also continue to be worn this fall 2021. Because, floral prints are a trend to end the year on the right foot.

To take note of the specific idea of this designer, keep in mind that, she chooses to use the floral dress with a belt, a turtleneck sweater underneath (in black) and some bright-colored court shoes to create a contrast perfect.

3) The jumpsuit as a favorite garment

Exclusive tips from Victoria Beckham to achieve the best fall style
White jumpsuit for a fall look

One of Victoria Beckham's favorite pieces when it comes to dressing, without a doubt, is the jumpsuit or one-color jumpsuit. Beyond men's trousers, the famous commitment to the complete white jumpsuit to achieve a freer and purer look.

It should be noted that this type of jumpsuit has a masculine cut and fits the waist perfectly to favor the woman's silhouette. It can be combined with black high heels and a small dark belt; In this way, modern minimalism similar to that of the 90s arises.

4) The color block

Exclusive tips from Victoria Beckham to achieve the best fall style
Look based on color block

It refers to a trend that consists of exploring colors that are opposite on the color wheel to combine them and create complementary blends. This trend, triumphed a few years ago and because of its avant-garde, Beckham has decided to rescue it to give it all the prominence that color deserves.

In this sense, the secret is to wear clothes with impeccable cuts that enhance your physical attributes and to have fun creating the combinations. Do not be afraid of mixtures of tones that seem impossible.

5) The powerful "Little Black Dress"

Exclusive tips from Victoria Beckham to achieve the best fall style
Short black dress: One of the autumn trends according to Victoria Beckham

The short black dress also called "Little Black Dress" or "LBD" is a classic in the world of fashion and no one escapes showing off this beauty on any occasion. Since, it is characterized by being a quite combinable piece that can achieve a casual or formal style without any limitation.

In the case of the designer, she is inclined to use the models that outline her beautiful silhouette and to give a sophisticated touch, she uses bone-colored heeled pumps that are extremely flattering for this type of dresses. Also, choose to complement the look with a style in which dark tones predominate.

Victoria Beckham's beauty secrets to look spectacular at 47

Exclusive tips from Victoria Beckham to achieve the best fall style
Victoria Beckham and her beauty tricks

Just look at her to reaffirm that her beauty is spectacular and therefore, her finesse tricks work perfectly. Well, who better to talk about this topic than the designer who is surrounded by industry professionals and experts on the subject of "beauty".

In addition to this, due to the launch of her own products, the renowned former Spice Girl has excellent learning regarding application methods, effective ingredients and, ultimately, an excellent performance of the tips that she offers to her followers through from Instagram.

Indeed, to encourage you to take care of your skin on a daily basis and look great, below, we have compiled some of her habits and / or tricks to stay almost intact at 47 years old :

  • Apply light essential oils with natural ingredients throughout the body : In order to keep skin soft and hydrated, as well as prevent sagging and unify the tone of the entire skin, the designer trusts to apply natural products on damp or moist skin. Well, when you get out of the shower and massage the limbs gently.

  • Do facial massages gradually : In order to combat the swelling and congestion of his face after having acne-prone skin, Beckham uses facial massages as a ritual within his "skincare" routine.

  • Use moisturizing creams for the face : In addition to facial massages, it also recommends keeping the skin of the face highly hydrated with products whose formula reinforces the barrier of said organ against contamination. As a result, you will enjoy a smoother complexion, and can even renew the surface of your face.

  • Use eye patches in your facial care routine : Over time, the eye contour deteriorates and for this reason, the designer opts to prepare this area with eye patches in order to reduce inflammation and attenuate the ears at the same time as hydrates that part of the face. In short, it is an essential step.

  • Access to phototherapy treatment : It consists of a very widespread practice when it comes to skin care, to do so, it combines blue and red light from an LED facial mask. Thus, it offers as a result an elastic skin with blurred wrinkles and consequently, it helps to combat the aging of the face.

  • Take daily supplements to take care of yourself on the inside : Taking care of yourself on the inside is as important as looking good on the outside and therefore Victoria Beckham uses daily supplements such as omega-3 fish oil and omega-6 evening primrose oil in capsules, to improve the inside of the body that is reflected on the surface sooner or later.

Through each of these tips, you will surely be able to preserve your beauty over time and look very pretty. Also, don't forget to take into account the autumn trends provided by the designer to dress fashionably and elegantly this season of the year.