Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22

Saharay Perez Bautista
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Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Trendy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Many girls who treasure long hair get bored with wearing it down all the time and for that reason, they look for other alternatives to improve their looks and look fashionable. So, in this case, we bring you the hairstyles for long hair that are a trend in the Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 season.

But, before starting with the list of ideas that you should take into account to fix your hair, we want to emphasize the advantages of having long hair compared to short hair :

  • It is very versatile : The versatility of long hair is unique and therefore helps you to experiment a lot with your image using different hairstyles and displaying different styles. In addition, it allows you to use a lot of accessories such as ribbons, brooches, barrettes and more.

  • It is adaptable to all types of faces : Long hair is also characterized by adapting to all types of faces, from rectangular and triangular to round. Emphasizing that, the hairstyles that long hair allows doing, also favor any faction in women.

  • It is beautiful wherever you look at it : By nature, long hair is attractive and is identified as an ideal element of classic youth beauty. Added to this, long manes are often associated with the sensuality of the ladies.

  • It is comfortable and cozy : If it is cold, your hair can function as a natural scarf and in effect, it provides you with warmth during the winter time. However, if it's hot, you can handle it however you want to be more comfortable. So in any case, it is very comfortable.

Hairstyles ideas for fashionable long hair in Fall-Winter 2021-2022

By default, a long hair is synonymous with personality, glamor and sensuality in women. However, when its versatility is used and trendy hairstyles are used, its appeal is much greater.

This is why, beyond wearing a fashionable outfit and making appropriate combinations, it is recommended to show neat hair in order to raise the distinction of your entire look and set the tone on the streets of your city. As a consequence, here are several ideas to style your Rapunzel hair :

The ponytail with strands on the face

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Ponytail with front locks

One of the fashionable hairstyles today, it is characterized by its ease of doing. Since, it consists of tying a ponytail as you normally do, but with the difference of leaving two fine strands that are born in the center of the forehead and remain on your face.

It is no secret to anyone that this trend was famous in the 90s and has come back to stay. Among its best attractions, we find that it adds freshness to any look and to enhance its distinction, you can use striking accessories, such as large earrings or sparkling necklaces.

The maxi-ponytail of bubbles

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
The trendy bublle ponytail

In the autumn and winter season, the hairstyle known as "bubble ponytail" is fashionable, which is ideal for XL hair and consists of creating a ponytail of bubbles to give more volume to the hair. Which provides a remarkable styling to the girls' faces.

For its part, what allows this volume to be achieved is that several garters must be fastened along the hair so that each space looks like a small bubble (hence its name). This has become one of the favorite hairstyles in 2021, it is very cool and has great expressive power.

Semi-collected hairstyle with accessories

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Accessories in semi-collected hairstyle

Its difference with respect to any semi-collected hairstyle is that this option is a casual or relaxed way of using luxurious accessories for more casual occasions. Be it shiny barrettes or bobby pins, for example.

In such a way, it makes women look delicate with a fresh touch, but at the same time they look very sophisticated and avant-garde. Also, if you want to give it a very chic style, you can vary this hairstyle with some loose fine strands that remain close to your face.

A double bow with a handkerchief

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Bow with handkerchief 2021

Among the most versatile accessories that took over the most important catwalks in the world, is the handkerchief. Therefore, we could not put the hairstyles with scarves aside to look beautiful in fall and winter.

In this case, the proposal consists of making a high double bow with the hair and subtly covering it with the scarf of your choice, that is, as a knot that falls on your neck. This style brings an air of freedom to any outfit.

Multi-braids throughout the hair

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Multiply the braids in your hairstyle

Since time immemorial, the most flattering hairstyle for women are braids. However, during this season, you should bet on multiplied root braids that are also known as "multi-braids."

The idea of this hairstyle is based on making four to six braids (always in multiples of two) to create symmetry and add distinction to the look. Which is a new version of boxer braids, with the difference that it is a more original and avant-garde option.

The low polished ponytail

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Low polished ponytail for elegant women

Although it is one of the most basic alternatives of all, it is a hairstyle that never fails on long hair and even for all types of hair. Basically, it is a low and polished ponytail on the scalp through the application of a fixing spray that helps to achieve this effect.

When you do it, do not forget to highlight the part in the center of the head, to be able to look much more glamorous. It should be noted that this is an ideal hairstyle for any occasion, from going to the office, to attending an event such as a wedding.

A relaxed style low bun

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Low bun with casual locks

Without a doubt, it is one of the easiest hairstyles to do. To get the best possible result, you simply need to part the middle of your head and gather the hair with a fine hair tie so that it is at the nape of the neck.

To achieve a casual style, you must not tighten the rubber too much and as an extra, you can remove a strand from each side in the front area. Without a doubt, this is a fashionable finish that will make you look great with any outfit.

The high half ponytail

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Half high ponytail with curls

Another way to show off your long hair without letting it completely down is by making a half ponytail at the top of your head. You simply have to gather the upper part of the hair and style the rest of your hair as you like.

If you prefer a more basic style, you can leave your hair smooth and silky with the ends facing out, for example. But, if you want something more striking, you can curl the rest of your hair (as seen in the image) and in such a way, add more sensuality to your outfit.

The mini-bubble pigtails

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Little bubble pigtails

As the "bubble ponytail" has been one of the most accepted proposals by girls, you can use this style to create a more delicate and easy to elaborate hairstyle. Taking into account that the mini-pigtails of bubbles are a new version of this idea.

To do them, you just have to place rubber bands along the strand that will be glued to your face in the front part of the hair and between each rubber band, you must leave the same space to create a nice symmetry. Luckily, this hairstyle looks beautiful on all types of cuts, as well as on straight, wavy or curly hair.

Two bows at the back of the hair

Hairstyles trend for long hair in Autumn-Winter 2021-22 – Fashion
Two buns collected with loose hair

Yes! The hairstyle with two bows has also been in fashion during 2021 and will continue to be a trend in the fall and winter season. Since, in addition to being versatile or combinable with any look, it is easy to do, and it looks very jovial on girls.

Next, we will show you how to make this hairstyle to look prettier: Start by dividing your hair in half, then proceed to collect the upper part in two pigtails, then you have to roll them to create a bow in each one and finish the hairstyle by fixing said bun with hairpins. While, the rest of the hair should be left loose and smooth.

If you take into account each of these ideas to make hairstyles in the Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 season, we are sure that you will look more beautiful, and you will be able to preserve the beauty of your hair despite the low temperatures.