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How to wear a women's bandana? The best tips

Saharay Perez Bautista
5 min read
How to wear a women's bandana? The best tips – Fashion – WebMediums
How to wear bandanas for women fashion 2021

Basically, bandanas are women's scarves that are used as a versatile and original accessory that allows you to achieve a very chic look. But, despite being fashionable, there are still many who wonder how to wear a women's bandana and here we will show you the best ways to do it, but not without first talking a little about the women's bandana.

The most popular accessory from the 90s is back on trend

How to wear a women's bandana? The best tips – Fashion – WebMediums
Bandanas in the 90s

It is no secret to anyone that, in fashion, everything returns and in the case of women's bandanas, this has also happened. Since the beginning of 2021, a very specific environment of key pieces was evidenced in the 90s and one of them was this summer accessory par excellence.

Just like straight jeans and platform sandals, women's scarves are back to stay and complement the girls' most chic and sophisticated looks. Taking into account that, thanks to its versatility, it is useful for any woman regardless of her style or preferences when it comes to fashion.

Although, in the beginning, bandanas became popular as a kind of blouse in the outfits of great celebrities such as Jennifer López and Beyoncé ; currently, its use lies more in the head and neck. This being the main proposal of firms such as Dior and Gucci that, since the end of 2020, have opted for women's scarves in their fashion shows with numerous versions.

However, as 90s inspiration continues to triumph on social media, this vintage style has been highlighted in an incredible way throughout 2021 and is likely to continue until 2022. Reason for which, a kind of obsession with fashion that was lived from 1990 onwards is evident and in effect, the trend will be similar to that of that time.

Ways to wear women's scarves 2021

By nature, the areas of the body most chosen to wear a bandana are the head and neck. Since, it is the safe option to combine with other garments and look beautiful. But, at this moment, they are not the only ways to wear this accessory (fashion has no limits!).

That is why, below, we highlight the main uses of women's scarves that stand out the most among the many options that exist to wear this chic and original accessory:

How to wear a women's bandana? The best tips – Fashion – WebMediums
Some ways to wear women's bandanas
  • Like a scarf : First, we positioned a legendary way of wearing bandanas. Which, basically, consists of wearing the scarf around the neck as a kind of scarf. But, if you want to vary, you can also place it around the neck and raise it to the bottom of the chin (as a neck warmer).

  • As a headband : If you prefer to use it on your head, you can do it as a headband. To do this, you simply have to wrap the scarf, put it on the top of the head and fasten it at the bottom (so that it is covered with loose hair).

  • How to cover hair : Another way to use the women's neck scarf is to cover all the hair from the end of the forehead. To do it, you simply have to pull the accessory from the top to the back and thus, it will cover your beautiful mane.

  • Like a hat : In this case, it is also worn on the head, but in a different way. The trick is to put the bandana on the wrong side on your head and turn it on itself, to finally hold it from the top and give it a return so that it is well-adjusted.

  • Like a tail : You can also make a ponytail and hold it with the help of your bandana. Thus, your hairstyle will look more flirtatious, and you will use this element usefully.

  • As a wristband : If you love to wear accessories on your hand to enhance your outfits, you can also use the bandana as a wristband. In this case, you simply have to put the bandana in your hand and give it a turn until it is tight to that area of the body.

  • Like a mask : Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also fashionable to wear your bandanas as a mask that covers your mouth and nose. The best way to use it like this is to use the jaw-type bandanas and raise the scarf to cover your entire nose.

  • As an anklet : Although it is one of the less common ways to wear your bandana, you can also use it as an anklet or, in other words, covering your ankle. It is ideal to wear them when your outfit consists of a dress, a short or a skirt (most of all).

  • As an accessory for your bag : If you want your wallet to look more striking, colorful and beautiful, you can enhance its design by means of a women's handkerchief that combines with the colors of your clothing, mainly. To make it look chic, be sure to tie a subtle knot in it.

If you've kept your bandanas in the back of your closet, it's time to dust them off right now to be able to create outfits that are fashionable and make you look like a very avant-garde girl. Thus, we recommend you take advantage of this versatile accessory and use it in all the ways that we indicate in the post.