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Meet the perfect option of beach wedding outfit for women

Saharay Perez Bautista
8 min read
Perfect beach wedding guest outfits

You have been invited to a wedding that will take place by the sea, and you still do not know how to dress to look great, we bring you the best ideas to create your perfect beach wedding outfit, look very beautiful and stand out among all the guests.

But, first, keep in mind that being invited to a beach wedding is the ideal occasion to let yourself go a bit with the look you like the most.

As well as, take a chance with a chic, fresh and sophisticated style at the same time to be able to look really beautiful.

However, to be consistent with the moment, you must consider what the theme of the wedding will be and what colors predominate in its decoration, for example. As well as, the time and place of the ceremony to ensure that you are very comfortable during the celebration.

Basic rules to create a beach wedding outfit for women

Before choosing your guest dress to attend a beach wedding and create your outfit, it is essential that you take into account several basic rules that will allow you to look totally according to that occasion. Here are the basic rules for this:

  • It is not mandatory to use white : Even if the beach wedding takes place during the day, it is not mandatory that your look be totally white. On the contrary, opt for bright color prints combined with that color (if you like it or prefer to go for it).

  • Forget the color black completely : Since time immemorial, black or dark tones are forbidden to attend a beach wedding, regardless of whether it is at night. Rather, lean toward wearing colorful, flowy dresses.

  • Choose the right color for the beach : Flat dresses close to evil, they look really daunting. That is why we recommend adding as much color as possible to your outfit, avoiding dark tones. For example, if you are risky, you can opt for an outfit in coral pink, purple, red, yellow or green. But, if you love pastel colors, you can choose a turquoise or blue.

  • Do not even think about wearing an informal beach dress : In these events, it is not valid to wear those dresses that you wear above the bikini when you go to the beach. Since, it is a basic rule of etiquette that you must respect to attend a beach wedding and look accordingly.

  • Opt for Chunky Heels : Although slim heels can be elegant and sophisticated for a special occasion, they are certainly not appropriate for a beach wedding. Therefore, we recommend choosing thick and comfortable heels.

  • Show off a discreet hairstyle and makeup : Both makeup and hairstyle to complete your beach party guest outfit have to be extremely light. Since, you will be in a hot environment for many hours and if you overload your look with it, you will end up looking very bad. So, choose as simple as possible.

  • Do not forget to bring your best sunglasses : An essential accessory for everyone at beach weddings, are the lenses. These, preferably, have to be in neutral tones with delicate and subtle designs to avoid detracting from the elegance of your outfit.

  • Your dress should be 3/4 or long : As it is a special event, even if it takes place on the beach, it is best to opt for a 3/4 or long dress. This will help you look more formal and fabulous.

  • Thick fabrics with embroidery are prohibited : Make sure your dress is not made of thick fabrics or is too heavy. Well, to feel comfortable and adjust to the occasion, the fabric of your outfit should be much simpler and lighter.

Get inspired by these beach wedding dresses to be the best dressed guest

So that you gather more ideas, and you can select the perfect dress for you in order to look beautiful at the beach wedding of your sister, cousin, friend or acquaintance; These are some ideas of dresses that look beautiful on such occasions :

1) Daily tailored dress

Formal guest beach wedding dress

By nature, formal day dress implies that you can wear a tailored suit made in fresh fabrics and vibrant colors that subtly highlight your look. This means that you can choose a simple long dress with a slit below the knee, for example.

2) Dress with shiny prints

Sparkly dress for wedding guest

If you wear a light colored dress with bright prints, you can look beautiful at the beach wedding. Emphasizing that it is a versatile alternative because it applies perfectly to both day and night weddings. Keep in mind that the ideal length can be 3/4 or up to the ankle.

3) Short cocktail party dress

Day cocktail dress

If the beach wedding is during the day, you have the option of wearing a short party dress and to stand out without overdoing it, it is appropriate to choose light colors with delicate patterns and without much shine. In this case, the appropriate length is a little above the knees.

4) Rigorous formal dress

Formal evening dress beach wedding

It is a perfect solution for a night beach wedding, in the case of the guests. Which is distinguished by being long and elegant with details that add shine to your look (such as sequins). But, in order not to overload the outfit, it is best to avoid overdoing the highlights and opt for a light makeup.

Best tips for choosing shoes for beach wedding guests

To build a perfect look, footwear is a vital element that will help you enhance the beauty of your outfit and at the same time, make you feel comfortable. Especially when it comes to an event on the beach.

Thus, to choose the shoes for wedding guests in silver that perfectly fits the dress you chose, the most appropriate thing is to opt for thick heels instead of thin ones. Since the latter will sink into the sand and can make you fall easily.

Another important point to select the best shoes is to opt for a fresh and quality material, because the weather can work against you. In this way, footwear made of a light and fresh material will prevent the shoes from hurting you when enjoying the party.

Without further ado, here are several options for shoes that are ideal for beach weddings :

Platform heels cumshot

The running platform sandals to go to the beach

By default, shoes with a running heel are characterized by being extremely comfortable. So, to be able to dance the night away and walk on the beach without risking falling or tripping, this is an excellent option. It should be noted that they also provide a touch of sensuality to outfits made up of short dresses.

Block heels

Comfortable Block Heels 2021

It refers to a perfect alternative to thin heels. But, in this case, they are identified as a lower type of footwear that is designed for girls who usually wear boots or flat sandals. Being a version that makes the heel wider than usual, but at the same time provides great delicacy.

Flat sandals

Flat sandals with a lot of shine

If the wedding is during the day, you can opt for this type of footwear that is much simpler. However, despite its simplicity, it is a versatile alternative that usually encompasses many styles, from classic and vintage, to sophisticated and risky. It should be noted that the ideal style to dress as a guest at a beach wedding is that of rhinestones. Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable option of all.

The graceful dancers

Ladies ballerinas with a touch of elegance

They are defined as a type of shoe that provides a more classic and romantic look to women, as well as, reveals a more spontaneous and delicate personality.

For their comfort, many girls choose to wear them to attend beach weddings; But to look pretty, you have to know how to combine them and opt for shoes with a small heel or adorned with rhinestones, for example.

Now that you know what kind of dresses you can wear to enhance your women's beach wedding outfit and what are the best shoes to wear on those occasions, we are sure that you will achieve a great look to be the best dressed guest of all. Especially if you take into account the basic rules for dressing at a beach wedding.


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