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Perfect skirt styles to choose from in your wardrobe

Ruth Chacon
3 min read
Perfect skirt styles to choose from in your wardrobe – Fashion – WebMediums
Skirts are the best option to show off your legs

When looking for what to choose from your wardrobe, it is important that you keep in mind that skirts are fashionable, and it is a basic element for you to use, there are different styles and ways to reflect your silhouette.

If you like skirts it is important that you use a defined style depending on the silhouette you have, the most common ones are those that are made of leather, with lace, those of satin, cotton and linen, which are quality materials.

Types of most used skirts

Perfect skirt styles to choose from in your wardrobe – Fashion – WebMediums
Different styles of skirts

-Straight skirts: It is a type of skirt that is mostly short and is not tight to the body.

- Circle skirts : Known because when it is placed it adapts in the shape of a circle and does not adhere to the body, since they are generally skirts made of light fabrics and worn by a shipowner.

- Pencil-shaped skirts: It is called like this, since they fit the body mold and are worn below the knee, they give a softer curves effect that define the body's silhouette and look elegant.

- Accordion skirts: They have pleats throughout the fabric, generally they are long skirts that fall depending on the fabric, and in this way not lose that design of folds wherever you take it.

- Miniskirts: Currently the most used in the world of fashion and the best known can not be missing in any wardrobe because they never go out of style, they remain firm in trends.

-Draped skirts : They are those that are determined by a pleated fabric in the front and that can be short or long give an effect of an armed fold, but that do not move or rise.

- Gypsy Skirts : They are usually long up to the ankles and in some cases so long that you cannot see the shoes, they are very comfortable to wear, and you do not have to be careful with them, since they take care of your figure despite not showing your legs.

- Wrap skirts: They are easy to identify because they have a line that they divide from one side to the other and are characterized by that single division, some with lace, others with different styles, but that make a difference.

- Mermaid skirts: They have an elegant style, they have a sensual cut and style that completely marks the silhouette in a delicate way and makes you look much slimmer for your appearance.

Recommendations to choose the ideal skirt for your figure

Perfect skirt styles to choose from in your wardrobe – Fashion – WebMediums
Models of skirts to show them perfect

Skirts are one of the most preferred garments that women today use the most because they help women to look feminine, creating a feeling of elegance, freshness and show how sexy a woman can become.

It is recommended when using these skirts that you take into account certain details so that you do not make mistakes and your look is perfect according to your silhouette you must know the shape of your legs.

For short and thick legs you should use the longest ones or even below the knee, for thick and long legs you can use those with cuts before the semi-long knee.

For those with short and thin legs, skirts with pleats and moderately short are very common, finally, those with narrow hips, the skirts that adapt to the best silhouette are those with loose and short pleats that do not adhere to the body.